How do we find our own body of work?

Re-Posted from November 15, 2013 by Caroline Carey Many years ago I used to wonder if I would ever find my own work rather than teaching what another had created. I mean by this, the work that would not just be my own style or my own approach, but something specific...


  It’s an interesting word, it means almond in Italian. I sometimes think I’d like to find a different word for it. The ancient symbol with its profound meaning, also called the Vesicus Piscis. And that means fishes bladder…even stranger!  So in my work I just...

Mandorla with Lies Van Hee & her art

Caroline offers this ancient principle, which is creative, playful and accesible to everybody yet deeply moving, intense, powerful, heart-touching and inspiring. For me, most importantly it is a tool, a resource that gives me more clarity, choice and freedom in how to...
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