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 You have always been a great inspiration to me and I gained a lot from our supervision calls. When I have reviewed my notes from my mentoring I realised how pivotal they have been in my life both in healing my relationship with my husband, as well as in healing my creativity. Marta

I am a counsellor and life coach specialising in soul-retrieval, embodiment and life skills. I work with emotional intelligence and the expressions of the heart.

Supporting individuals as well as couples and groups needing conflict resolution, I have extensive training and experience in one to one as well as group work for over thirty years.

I offer simple techniques that help to shift perspectives, encouraging different actions to ones that are no longer working.

Our thoughts and even our feelings can get in the way and our mind can create more problems than we often realise.

I love to explore with people, to find the truth and aim for solutions rather than simply focusing on the problems.

I would never have found my way in the world, without good coaches and mentors who have walked the journey before me. I recognise the importance of this.

You may like to explore with me, a non-judgemental, focused opportunity to be heard, to find more meaning in life and to let go of what ever holds you back or limits your growth.

After many years of psychotherapy for the effects of extreme trauma; I had a profound experience that necessitated a vital need to take my inner work to a much deeper level of truth and transformation. When I chanced upon Caroline’s work I instinctively knew it held something vital that I needed. I could however not have envisaged or imagined how profound and blessed that chance coming upon her work would prove to be in terms of my own healing journey. She brings a rock solid strength and ability to hold and contain the deepest levels of pain and shame. She also brings total acceptance; compassion and extraordinary gentleness. This allows a level of safety that facilitates being able to truly heal the darkest places, and to speak the unspeakable. I am grateful beyond words to Caroline and her work. It is truly transformational. Jane, SA

 I appreciate your strong accompaniment of me into the underworld, your intuition as to what is needed from moment to moment and also your drawing of attention to practical steps for integration. Sarah Maguire

One to one sessions in Hastings, East Sussex. Please enquire for availability. One hour session £60.

Whole or half day sessions, please email for cost and availability.

50 minute online/zoom session £60

Concessions for under-waged please enquire.

Contact here for more information or to send some details about yourself and your needs. We can then schedule a time & date. If you wish to phone the number is 07702 51 3679 If you prefer to email do so here EMAIL 

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Mentoring,  Counselling & Soul Retrieval Caroline supports clients to face the undercurrents of their stories & history in a kind, safe and non-judgemental way.  When we explore and free up the underlying and unconscious patterns and behaviors that are in the 'driving seat' of our lives, there is great liberation, often moved with deep feeling...

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