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One of the most significant problems in our culture is the loss of spirituality. Not some idea of religious beliefs, or coveting the rites of other cultures, indulging in medicines and spirit-songs not of our own lands, but a true connection to what spirit really means.

We, our culture, are in trauma, collectively. Wounded by neglect, abuse, dysfunctional relationships, by the wars of our ancestors, by deprivation and soul loss to name but a few of our human conditionings and sufferings.

Ultimately we have forgotten to breath, deeply. Breathing to survive maybe, but breathing to live fully is lost. For every trauma we have endured we have held our breath, or breathed shallow. Not daring to let more of that life force into our bodies lest we might feel and feeling is too painful.

Breath is another word for Spirit. Inspiritus, to be spirited, inspired, to be the breath itself. Trauma prevents this deep connection to the energy of life and the emergence of our soul.

So is it enough to simply start breathing deeply again, probably not, for if we do not breath consciously and give attention to why we stopped in the first place, then we are simply re-traumatising ourselves over and over again.

So what is needed to heal, to feel that soul-connection once more? Healing means to become ‘whole,’ not to undo the past but to claim our true essence despite the trauma. 

Journeying deeply with the breath and with movement will inspire the body to remember. Why would we want to go there, to uncover the memories of pain and disturbance?

It is in those memories that we can discover the hidden light, our own light. The treasure that was buried long ago, our innate Sovereign, the innocent spark covered over by a blanket of darkness, so heavy it suffocated us.

And there we stopped breathing and we forgot we were spiritual beings, here to live a soulful journey on this planet. Our purpose diminished, our fragmented soul bone-deep in the flesh of our existence.

Our emotions swallowed into the under currents of frozen states, dissociated and displaced grief like tidal waves perpetuating sorrow and hatred, our suffering cursed with the traumatic bondage of self-rationalising, the denial of anything spiritual, a connection to the source ignored.

Until there comes a time when we can bare it no longer and we take those deep breaths and we dance ourselves into just enough freedom, that a small flicker of light begins to show and from that moment we can never go back.

Caroline Carey

Middle Earth Medicine Ways

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