What is Soul Retrieval? 

Most people experience some form of trauma, neglect or dysfunction in their lives at some point. We all react to it differently. During these times, part of our soul, our true essence is diminished. In other words the light of our sovereignty fades and lives within the unconscious. The body, heart and soul become separated causing dissociation and/or displacement of emotions and feelings. This often becomes apparent to those who are able to witness the change and not always obvious to ourselves, or the one who suffers.

It becomes a very necessary and protective bodily mechanism to protect our soul or innocence from the dysfunction or trauma. Often as a ‘victim’ we are unable or do not have the support needed to deal with emotions, pain or the difficulties that follow. So we shut down, shutting down our true essence, our authentic personality, which is then held in the unconscious – for now.

Depression can set in, isolation, neglect of oneself and others, dysfunctional habits and disinterest in life with a lack of purpose.

As life goes on our ‘survivor’ begins to miss the essence, feeling soul-loss and meeting with the hunger of wanting more in life. It becomes clear that we need to reclaim back our authentic nature. This only happens when the conditions are right and we can deal with some of the feelings and emotions that may be attached to the original story.

With soul retrieval we create a safe enough space together, identify the original stories and begin to invite that true essence back.

We work together, empowered by our connections and the journey of the collective circle, gaining as much as we are willing to give and supporting each other.

Middle Earth Medicine uses a variety of creative and traditional tools to insure our authentic essence can return.

Caroline Carey

Middle Earth Medicine

Caroline offers 1:1 and group soul retrieval for those requiring wholeness of mind, body and spirit. She is a shamanic practitioner and soul worker.  Please contact for more details. 


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