What is Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval? 

Etymology: Middle English soule, from Old English sawol “spiritual and emotional part of a person, animate existence; life, living being,” 

Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval: Reclaiming Your Wholeness

Soul loss, a concept found across cultures and describes the idea that part of a person’s essence can disconnect due to trauma, neglect, or difficult experiences. This disconnection diminishes our vitality and severs our connection to ourselves.

The Impact of Trauma

Life’s challenges, especially traumatic events, emotional neglect, or ongoing dysfunction, can cause a fragmentation within us. This trauma can dim the light of our true selves, pushing it into the unconscious. This disconnects our body, heart, and soul, leading to dissociation and emotional numbness.

A Protective Mechanism

Soul loss can be a protective mechanism. When overwhelmed, shutting down parts of ourselves shields us from further pain. However, it also disconnects us from our authentic selves.

Signs of Soul Loss

  • Depression
  • Isolation
  • Self-Neglect
  • Disinterest in life
  • Lack of purpose

Soul Retrieval: A Path to Wholeness

Soul retrieval is a practice aimed at reclaiming those fragmented parts of ourselves. It is about creating a safe space to explore the root causes of soul loss and invite our true essence back, fostering a connection with our authentic selves. This process is often done collaboratively, drawing strength from connection and shared support.

In essence, soul loss is a metaphor for the impact of trauma on our sense of wholeness. While a normal response to overwhelming experiences, soul retrieval offers a journey of self-discovery and healing, allowing us to create a safe space, identify the root cause, and reintegrate our fragmented selves.

Caroline Carey

Middle Earth Medicine

Caroline offers 1:1 and group work, soul retrieval for those requiring wholeness of mind, body and spirit. She is an animist, working with the soul of individuals and environments.  Please contact for more details or take a look at our gatherings and calendar.


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