Thirteen Wisdom Keepers 

Thirteen New Moons

Thirteen Stages of Soul Empowerment

The Power Of 13

Developing and empowering the feminine spirit, seeking the source of her souls embodiment,  sculpting the path that she is destined to walk upon.

In years gone by, our universal calendar was measured with 13 moons, a matriarchal cycle before the patriarchal Gregorian system was put in place. As feminine beings we can reclaim and give attention to the natural cycle of the moon, following our own impulses, creativity, seasons and cycles, to meet with the natural rhythms of the environment, becoming aware of how we as women grow and learn from our matriarchal lineage and the calendar she originally bestowed upon us. 

There are 13 lunar cycles in a solar year that have honoured the feminine. 

13 has a secret and divine power, signifying the return of the sacred feminine. 

The number 13 became feared because of its feminine power.

It is time to reclaim 

The Power of 13

    • Is it harder to be a woman when bringing your message to the world, do you feel lost or dismissed in a patriarchal environment?

This course will give women the emotional support, spiritual clarity and inner resources to claim their place and help other women to find theirs.

    • Do you sometimes feel depleted when you use your gifts?

This course helps you to seek out the vitality that is connected to your soul-spark, reigniting the passion for your purpose.

    • Do you need to stay accountable to your vision?

With Soul-sisters and sisterhoods we speak what we have often feared to say in a safe and non-judgmental community.

If you have answered ‘yes’ to one or all of those questions, this course can help you. It shows you are ready to embark on a journey with other women, working with powerful feminine tools like intuition, female archetypal knowledge, deep feminine wisdom and spiritual awakenings?

“Those who feel drawn to the number 13, are those who aren’t afraid to think differently” 

Annabel Gat

On offer are community gatherings over thirteen months close to the time of the new moon, where we use this cycle for empowerment and growth. With individual and sister-hood meet-ups between for fresh inspiration and connections.

“As women we each have innate patterns of (feminine archetypal) behaviour and ways of thinking that can enhance or distort our lives. Until we strive to realise how as individuals we can discern one from the other, then the meaning of our existence is unknown to us”   Caroline Carey

This sisterhood will support accountability, helping you to find your stage and be at its centre. Regular connections will allow you to be filled with vitality, inspired and energised, completely accepting of who you are, encouraged with your particular talent, celebrated as the unique gift you are and the medicine woman of your own lineage and healing path.

A three hour monthly online workshop at the time of the new moon, with sisterhood support, regular connections, newsletters, videos and recordings plus individual coaching sessions?

Become the medicine woman you were born to be!

The benefits:

    • Learning to trust the power of embodied movement 
    • Developing traditional knowledge by journeying with the drum
    • Being creative for visual representations of your talents
    • Supported in writing your story and documenting your wisdom
    • Discovering your soul purpose


    • Take time to engage with a tried and tested process
    • Meet with elders and action-sisters
    • Engage with 13 feminine archetypes for personal empowerment
    • Be accountable in sister-hoods
    • Share within our circle
    • Create, write and manifest
    • Present and celebrate your power on the stage of life

We will plant the seeds of our enquiry during the time of the new moon, creating a plan of action as the moon becomes round. Mid month the sisterhoods will meet and share their knowledge. Action sisters will be accountable to each other on a regular 1:1 basis.

As the moon wanes we will reflect on the path walked, journeying into the landscapes of creativity. Meeting the tasks set out for us as the poetry of our story is written down and documented. 

Connecting into the cycles of the moon, we will remember the feminine power that is inherent in each one of us, known from the beginning of time.


  • Seer/Visioness                          Knowing our sacred contract
  • Poetresse                                     Writing our creation story
  • Maiden                                      Awakening curiosity and the imagination
  • Wild woman                            Protecting the path, defending the truth
  • Huntress & Gatherer              Facing the story, collecting the knowledge 
  • Mother                                            Bearing and nurturing our gifts
  • Actress                                            Facing the world
  • Queen                                            Maturity and taking responsibility
  • Enchantress                               Enthralling our tribe
  • Grandmother/Crone           Entering the mystery
  • Medicine Woman                 Developing our healing craft
  • High Priestess                        A voice in the world and the silent witness
  • The Wise Woman                 The one who knows

“We women have the power to be The Wisdom Keepers of our life story. Once embodied, we can rise above the mundanity of the past and live with the profound knowledge that is ours to share”  

Caroline Carey

Founder, Middle Earth Medicine

As the feminine we rise reclaiming the power intended for us. Recognising the challenges of this journey. Walking the path together, lifting each other up, knowing that when one of us shines, we all shine together

*Conscious Embodiment. 

   Movement, dance, self-expression, creating safe space both internally and externally for our personal growth.

*Drum journeys:

   Learning drum journey techniques, using this empowering and traditional tool together for gathering knowledge.

*Action sisters: 

   Accountability and support enables us to listen, share and move ourselves forward. Coming out of Isolation.


   Engaging with small groups, working on projects together.

*Regular creative tasks:

   Staying engaged, discovering inspiration, sharing the process.

*Newsletters, videos and regular updates:

   Hear from Caroline regularly with videos, newsletters, updates and encouragement.

*Individual coaching sessions:

   Three 1:1 sessions with Caroline throughout the course.

Caroline’s deft guidance integrated body, soul and psyche like no other method I’ve experienced. It carried me gently through the toughest passage of an ongoing life-transition, gifting me with a profound sense of hope and belief in my yet untapped potential at 50. So grateful Caroline birthed this incredible system of introspection, healing and growth, that remains evergreen as we continue our earth-walk. It is truly stunning in depth and scope.   

Jessica Lorna Wood



£113 per month Open to the first 12 to sign up. Two bursaries available.

Includes 3 x 30 min individual coaching sessions.

Monthly payments optional or discount on up front payment of £1,333

Once booked you will be sent a list of art materials to have with you. The 3 hour workshops will have intermittent breaks from the screen for creative process.

             Please email for details to see if this will be the right work for you at this time,  moc.enicidemhtraeelddimnull@enilorac

BONUS: There will also be two special events in the year for celebration. More info once booked.

Committed participation gains the best results, bringing feminine empowerment to the next level and beyond.

Dates below and on calendar with payment instructions.

Times and dates will be as close as possible to the new moon on a Saturday or a Sunday with one Monday.         

Saturday 13th January 5pm – 8pm GMT

Sunday 11th February 5pm – 8pm GMT

Sunday 10th March 5pm – 8pm GMT

Sunday April 7th 5pm – 8pm GMT

Sunday May 5th 5pm – 8pm GMT

Saturday June 8th 5pm – 8pm GMT

Saturday July 6th 5pm – 8pm GMT

Sunday August 4th 5pm – 8pm GMT

Sunday 1st September 5pm – 8pm GMT

Sunday 29th September 5pm – 8pm GMT

Saturday 2nd November 5pm – 8pm GMT

Sunday 1st December 5pm – 8pm GMT

Monday 30th December 5pm – 8pm GMT

Two other special bonus dates shared once booking is made

I have loved the number 13 since I was a little girl. I took my ballet exam with the number 13 pinned to my chest, I walked away with honours. Twice this happened. My mother said it was my lucky number, it might just be that I was a talented dancer. Nonetheless, I loved the number and it followed me throughout my life. I was always excited if the date fell on Friday the 13th.

I don’t really know why, I can’t remember anything particular apart from the ballet exams, as to why I would have had this favourite, it’s just how it was. Now as I have aged and understood the power of 13, the deeper meanings of it and why it’s so important to the feminine, I have taken it more fully into my working life. And I am clearly not surprised as to why it felt important growing up. I was just that kind of girl!   

Caroline Carey

The Sovereign Feminine has the presence and intuition of the Priestess, the tenacity of the She-Warrior, the story telling of the Wise Elder and the curiosity of the Innocent. And she has so much more.
She is the Artisan, bringing beauty into all she does and says, she is the Thespian who does not falter on the stage of life, she carries the potential of all feminine archetypes because she knows she must act in accordance with Spirit and in harmony with the children of Earth, she must own every part of herself in order to grow from her wounds.
Caroline Carey

Founder, Middle Earth Medicine Ways

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