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The journey of soul retrieval, with grounded spirituality & the embodiment of our souls-purpose

Community is essential for personal growth as well as for the gained wisdom within our society. You can support this mission with a monthly contribution of £5 where you can join in our offerings and attend gatherings. You can watch videos and share your message. You will also have access to other areas of our work. Click on button or go to the bottom of page:

You might like to deepen your experience of soul-embodiment, embrace your talents and share your gifts


What inspired this work? We all know the story of the poor artist! Which usually comes about in isolation without the support of community. Going it alone, finding it hard to ask for help. But we like to think of ourselves as pioneers and entrepreneurs, thinking outside the box and having the courage to embrace our gifts.

Middle Earth Medicine gives a voice to each one of us, bringing us out of isolation and into community with more potential as an individual.

We love to dance, to write, to develop crafts. Many of us have kinaesthetic learning styles and an alternative life style. We love speaking from the heart, being open when we feel safe. We strive towards honesty. There’s also a bit of a rebellious nature to us (we call it the spirit-rebel) who seeks the truth and stands up for what we believe to be right. 

If you feel this is a fit for you – or you want it to be – jump on board and spend some time getting to know us and give us the chance to know you. 

You might decide to join us for a monthly meet-up, or you might like to dive in deeper and gain from in-depth Mandorla processes, trainings and marketing to be a pioneer of your craft.

Deepen the journey by joining our

Mandorla Circle.

Whatever you decide, you are very welcome. 

Triad One – The Gathering

Community Membership

Be part of a growing community, gaining more resource and wisdom about who you are, finding new perspectives about your journey and how you can build on this for your future.

You will gain better knowledge of soul work, with shamanic tools, creative processes and traditional practices whilst learning to avoid behaviours that are outdated and are simply repeats of a worn-out victim story.

Learn what you can bring to this community.

Community details

All are welcome to join us in Triad One. This is an online forum and community gatherings where we meet to discuss our soul work, our spiritual embodiment, conscious dance and empowerment skills. Joining meet-ups is optional.

Like minded people who are on a journey to embody their natural gifts, empower their souls work and benefit from the tools and resources of a spiritually empowering process. 

Bettering their knowledge of soul work, its tools and practices.  

Avoiding old behaviours that are outdated and are simply repeats of a worn-out victim story.

Embodying new skills.

Being present and accepting of our empowered self is.

Community resources

  • Monthly online group sessions with Caroline and others ~ be with others to reflect back your own mission, be seen and heard.
  • Videos ~ to broaden your view of the spiritual path
  • Brenda May creations ~ learn about the creators path
  • Articles and blogs ~ read how this work can benefit individuals like you
  • Podcasts ~ listen any time any where
  • Telegram discussions ~ be part of that growing audience and share your own thoughts with others
  • Bonus’s ~ exciting additions ahead 
  • All optional – or simply support this work through your contribution.

Community Prerequisites

Anyone can join our Community.

Triad Two – Deeper Knowing

The Mandorla Process Circle

Discover the spiritual enhancement of your core-wound and greatest aspirations and and why each one is so important, not just for oneself but for your community and for the world.

Recognise this is not an isolated journey but an enriching and powerful process taken with others as we turn our challenges into opportunities for growth and building community.

As well as Triad One you will be able to attend group coaching sessions, two hour monthly Mandorla enquiry circles with constellation process, access to videos and documents, no-pay dance sessions and regular community discussions.

Apprentice to your life story and develop your gifts and talents

Mandorla Circle details

The Apprenticeship Circle are a group of people who study and apprentice to their life journey. Sharing and listening to each other, exploring creativity and deepening their understanding of who they are in the world.

This apprenticeship inspires us to journey with our life experience, to deepen the acknowledgement and acceptance of our core-wound, by exploring emotional intelligence and transforming trauma into a life affirming journey full of purpose.

The healing work we do is ‘to make whole’ what has been broken or lost. This work of creative empowerment uncovers our authentic and joyful purpose and develops the unique offering that is innately ours.

Within this body of work we apprentice not to a person or theory but to our own life story and experience. A unique approach of embodiment with our creative and spiritual gifts. This is a path of discovery and opportunity, creating a vocation that is fulfilling and purposeful.

This circle contributes to build a vital and empowering community together.

If you would like to dive deeper into our program, please take part in in-person workshops too course from whence you can sign up for the Apprenticeship Circle Triad Two and develop ongoing study with us to hone your gifts and talents, begin to make your own offerings and receive empowerment and support from others within the apprenticeship circle.

Mandorla Circle resources

  •  Mandorla Circle community connections, reading what others think and feel
  • Two hour meetings each month ~ a deep dive into the fundamentals of soul work that is designed with you in mind
  • Group coaching sessions – share experiences, learn and grow together
  • Free Dance Wednesday mornings
  • Movement/dance embodiment sessions each month as well as videos ~ years of experience shared with you, not available anywhere else
  • Learn how to create videos for your offerings from top class film maker
  • Soul work tools ~ traditions to learn and tailored towards your journey
  • Documents, workbook, handbook ~ on-hand accessible materials
  • 1:1 Coaching ~ work with the masters who have years of experience in soul work
  • Community sharing of experience  ~ coming out of isolation – it matters!
  • Discounts for workshops and gatherings ~ only the apprentice circle have this opportunity
  • In-depth engagements with The Wheel Of Souls Return ~ deepen your experience and inspire your journey
  • All sessions recorded for you to enjoy in your own time

Mandorla Circle Pre-reqs

If you would like to dive deeper into our program, please take part in at least one offering of The Mandorla

Triad Three- The Offering

The Training Program

Deepen awareness of your core-wound, explore emotional intelligence and break through limiting beliefs. 

This training process will illuminate what is ready to grow and what is necessary for you to create your unique offering.

On hand are tools and resources, guides and teachers of the Middle Earth Medicine (MEM) body of work and the members community. 

Our aim is to help you find empowerment, so you too can offer your gift, becoming the leader or facilitator you were born to be.

Training program details

This space holder training inspires you to deepen the awareness of your core-wound, exploring emotional intelligence by breaking through trauma and changing old patterns.

By doing this it is possible to find your authentic purpose, develop it and find fulfillment.

This will lead you into making the unique offering that is innately yours with the support, the tools and the resources of the Middle Earth Medicine (MEM) body of work and community.

We have an online forum for teacher trainees with deeper connections to those you are already journeying with.

Access to teacher training at in-person gatherings ~ together we find the tools that increases our potential to grow.

Soul work opportunities and teaching skills ~ we will share our skills with you to learn from and to be inspired with.

Watch and experience teachers as an assistant to their work ~ gain first hand knowledge and insights into soul work space holding.

1:1 mentoring ~ gain deeper knowledge to move you onto the next stage of your life.

Become a Soul Worker with MEM ~ join our growing community of teachers and space holders.

Training program resources

If you wish to continue with further trainings and qualifications with us, please sign up for the MEM training and facilitation program which consists of in-person gatherings as well as online gatherings and forums.

This training empowers you to become a Soul Worker of MEM with your own particular craft, designing and cultivating your Soul Work offering.

Training Prerequisites

Please contact us for the pre-requisites of the training and the work we do together.

Who is this community membership for? 

  • People who’ve been preparing all their life for their potential to shine
  • People who want a spiritual and principled way of seeking and offering, including traditional shamanic and nature based tools 
  • Those who want to be clear about who they are
  • Those who want to bring their offering to the world, but are tired of doing it in isolation
  • People with heart and talent, with a vision that will benefit others
  • People who want to join a circle of Soul-Workers 
  • Those who are willing to face their fears in-order to explore the mystery 

Who are the guides?

Caroline Carey

Caroline Carey

Founder Guide Dreamweaver Mentor

Caroline is a soul/spiritual mentor. She originally trained in the healing arts and 5’Rhythms. She has 30+ years of offering her skills one to one and in community with  workshops and gatherings. Having danced since childhood, she supports others to find their authentic creative self through embodiment, creative processes and shamanic guidance. Her body of work Middle Earth Medicine holds an apprenticeship for facilitator training. She is a published writer and a Grandmother

Elixxchel Lily

Elixxchel Lily

Guide Dreamweaver Mentor

Elixxchel practices, facilitates and teaches a variety of healing arts and embodiment crafts in individual and group settings and organises and holds community and women’s circles, ceremonies and gatherings in Ireland for well being, healing and transformation. She also manages sessions for 4-12 yr olds in a pioneering and innovative playschool that incorporates a humanistic and anti-bias approach

Ben Cole

Ben Cole

Guide Dreamweaver Mentor

Ben has a history with the arts and finding meaningful contributions from his spirituality (Bhuddhism) and connection to shamanism that can be translated into teachings for our modern times. His mission in life has been to create a more positive approach to how we share information to the general public, and offer a more positive approach to living with authenticity and sustainability. Ben is a film maker. 

Ayla Willow

Ayla Willow

Guide Dreamweaver Mentor

Ayla-Willow is a Mother, a Dancer, a Singer/Musician & lover of nature. Her passion and purpose is facilitating a remembrance of our innate wildness though dance & reconnection to Self, Spirit and Nature. She has worked previously in education and later in healthcare as a speech and language therapist. Ayla’s life course took a redirect when she trained to become a mindbody coach in 2012. 

Here are the steps to take to start you off on your Journey with us.

Step 1… Sign up to our community – Triad One – see below.

Step 2… Introduce yourself, tell us who you are and where you are from.

Step 3… Join us for monthly meetups, watch recordings only available to you and listen to podcasts, as well as a variety of offerings made especially with you in mind.

Step 4… Send us topics you would like to know more about, we will endeavour to answer the enquiries.

Step 5…  If you feel inspired to further your path, join us for the Triad Two and Mandorla Circle, to  deepen your enquiry and to fulfil your soul-work, please sign up.

Step 6… Become a Soul-Worker of your craft with a community who encourage and empower your growth.

Caroline Carey takes you on a journey from the cradle to beyond, planting seeds of inspiration and opening doors of possibility you knew were there, but didn’t know where to look. Go ahead. Look! 

Jonathan Horwitz, Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies

“Caroline is an exceptional and highly experienced teacher, facilitating the deeply transformative process of the dance with loving encouragement, fire, commitment and compassion. I wholeheartedly recommend Caroline’s life affirming and transformative work.” 

Eva Weaver, Writer, Artist, Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the sessions live, recorded or prerecorded?

Some sessions are live, some are recorded during the sessions and some are pre-recorded that you can watch at your own convenience. You will always be told if a session is being recorded.

What are the times and dates of live sessions?

The membership Triad One sessions will be at various times and dates to allow enough people take part in all or some of them. The Triad Two Circle meets on the last Sunday of each month for the main session with Caroline Carey. There are other offerings from those trained in MEM at different times. (e.g. filmmaking with Ben Cole) all added to the membership calendar.

Can I receive support during the membership?

Yes you can, we have expert guides and helpers who offer mentoring and counselling sessions. Arrangements can be made to meet up and discuss your personal needs. 

Can I sign up later?

You can sign up whenever the time is right for you. It might be helpful to join the membership Triad One to begin with and join the Triad Two apprentice circle later.

What if I don't have time to come to sessions?

If you can’t make a session, don’t worry, all or part of the session will be recorded for you to watch when you do have the time. Personal sharing will NOT be recorded to respect privacy, but the teachings will be.

Will I be able to dance?

Yes, there will be regular dance sessions. Due to music licencing these will not be recorded apart from a few. We will let you know in the calendar when they are.

How do I keep in touch with other members?

All members are invited to the Forum as well as the Telegram App group. Here you can have discussions, share experiences and make suggestions. The forum and app will be regulated and must only be used with respect to all participants. Any offending material or inapropriate promotional materials will be removed.

Feel free to add your question, what would you like to know, please email

Please read Terms & Conditions here for the Community Membership Platform


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