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First Triad is The Gathering

Here you will find recordings about the oracle cards and artist Brenda Mays creations.

Receive monthly sessions with Caroline Carey and fellow Dreamweavers.

Download articles and questionnaires.

Listen to podcasts and take part in our own Telegram conversations and discussions.

Triad One Community Membership can be left any time.

The price for community membership is £5.00 per Month.

Community membership expires after 12 Months.

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Membership Terms and Conditions.

Community and Apprentice Circle Terms and Conditions


Triad One community and Triad Two memberships are for one year with monthly payments. Renewable each year.

Community membership Triad One can be left any time.
Once accepted onto the Apprenticeship circle - Triad Two, you are required to take part for a minimum of three months and you agree to cover those three month payments. You can stay as long as you abide by the ethics and principles of Middle Earth Medicine. (see handbook)


There are no prerequisites for Community - Triad One.

In order to apply to join Triad Two, it is required that you take part in the 13 Weeks - Soul Retrieval process and are already signed up to Community - Triad One.

In order to join Triad Three and the Training, you need to have been part of Triad One and Two and taken part at in-person workshops.


You are free to cancel and leave the Community - Triad One at any time. You can stay as long as you wish provided fees are paid.

There are no refunds of booking fee payments once paid for in Triad One, Two and Three.

You will be required to leave the the community should you use inappropriate communication of any kind, use the platforms for marketing purposes, advising or counselling members and using the platform for inappropriate means. This includes within our Telegram app discussions. Please see the handbook for the ethics and principles we stand by.

Payment failures  

Should a payment fail, please let us know immediately and tell us how you will rectify this. If payments are consistently in arrears you may be asked to leave the community and the apprentice circle.

Data protection

Personal information will not be shared with any other entity.
We only use your membership address and contact information to process the booking, adding you to our newsletter and communicating with you about your community membership. We will contact you from time to time about each triad.

You are responsible for maintaining confidentiality of your account and password with us. You accept and agree to be responsible for any activities associated with your account.

All recordings, documents and videos are the property of Middle Earth Medicine, Caroline Carey and associates and is protected by international copyright law. This includes our logo, headers, images, text and graphics. Please do not use anything on this site without prior written permission. Any copying, recording or passing onto third parties will be deemed as an infringement of our rights and dealt with accordingly.


If you are under 18 years of age you may use this site only with the involvement of a parent or guardian.

If you opt in for our Community and Membership mailing list - you acknowledge your information processed by MailChimp and used in accordance with our Privacy Policy

For full details in other areas please see our Terms and Conditions page and our Privacy Policy page.

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