When I witness a Mandorla constellation and hold the space for this process, I am bringing together quite a few decades of being fascinated with soul-retrieval. As I watch the process unfolding in front of me, it sometimes takes my breath away, quite literally, to see how powerful the actual process is.

What is soul-retrieval?

Well we often talk about being soulless, sensing a loss of soul or even being depressed, feeling like something is missing in our lives, at a loss for who we really are and many other small but potent sayings. To me this all has a note of soul loss and if we were to give it enough attention, we might start to find that there truly is something missing from our life.

So how can we go about recalling that vital part of us back into place?

If we have a group to support us and really want for our greatest potential, without fearing us, or the process, then we can begin to see those parts of us that are holding some of the dysfunction or the conflict, or the separation that is being held in the body, preventing us from being fully present.

If we have some one there who is willing to accompany us on that journey, who totally trusts the process, because she/he has been there many times on their own journey beforehand, then we can feel that courage and heart opened willingness, to brave the under currents, to not fear the turmoil or the deep grief from the inner realms, and we can know that  the soul  part is ready to find its way back, through the opening of that heart, the clarity of what is needed and the realm of the mundane, to accept it back as an integral part of this life.

It’s a mysterious experience, one that is hard to put ones finger on, so we have to use creativity and movement, to ensure that we are able to put the analytical find out of the way for  that period, so that we do not try to ‘think’ our way into healing. The healing must happen by us getting out of our own way and allowing the medicine to flow through us.

If not much else has fully helped to open us to the power of our own polarities, or that we still feel that our life is missing some vital element, then it may just be that it is soul retrieval we are looking for. And if we can find a way to ‘be and do it ourselves’ then I can pretty much guarantee it will be much more powerful than some one else doing it for us.

Standing in that central life force, the light of the Mandorla, we are seen, we are heard, we are re-born! For it is truly the central place of our soul work, the phoenix from the ashes, the rebirth of our Sovereignty.

Are you willing to enter that holy and life changing realm?

Individual sessions are available with Caroline, small group work or intensive gatherings.

Magic of Mandorla Intensive

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