Magic Of Mandorla

Bringing spirit and matter together

As human beings we are here to bridge spirit and matter, to embrace the existence of heaven and earth, to manifest the connection between the spiritual forces and the lives of being human. It is the deepest lesson for us to learn. Not the most comfortable but certainly the most effective.

The Mandorla represents divine union. It is possibly the most ancient sacred symbol known. It is said to have been inscribed on the Ark of the Covenant. 

It is also known as the Vesica Piscis. The two circles represent the polarities between opposite forces and the energy this holds as in earth and sky, feminine and masculine, ego and soul, or physical and spiritual realms.  The opposing energies magnetise each other. The creative power that ignites in the overlap is the simplest form or basic matrix for life on earth.

The two circles sit within the larger circle, which represents total existence.

We learn how to be and inhabit or embody our true self, and learn about who are and the purpose we each hold. Becoming grounded in our physical body enables us to hold the spiritual-soul-self as resident of our existence. 

At a time when our differences, our needs and desires, gender, culture, politics, faith traditions, etc threaten to divide us, the Mandorla provides a bridge that can deepen this experience with relationships and empower the right action. There is no way to depict the Mandorla’s brightness, except by darkness. If we stand in the place of the Mandorla, the meeting place of two opposites, then we can use the energy of that conflict to provide a vital spark, which leads to a deeper understanding of what is occurring, enabling us to feel into its power.

It is known as the most powerful of (spiritual) religious experiences we can have in life. Mandorla is the place of poetry “And the fire and the rose are one.” 

Little Gidding ~T. S Eliot

American-born British poet and playwright

As human beings, we can exist on multiple planes of being; the one that we are usually most aware of, however, is the material world. By its nature, the material world is a place of duality – a place of opposites that we often experience as being in conflict with one another. Examples include heaven and earth, light and dark, masculine and feminine, loyalty and betrayal, to name but a few. The polarity between these opposites creates a fundamental tension at an evolutionary level that has the potential to be either profoundly destructive or powerfully generative and creative. The evidence of the destructive consequences of this tension lies all around us in the terrible scourges of war, inequality and conflict within and between individuals, groups and societies.

“Sometimes within our individual self and within the self of our worn-out society, there is no answer to conflict. There is, however, a way to stand within the center of the opposing forces. Conflict creates tremendous energy. If we leave out judgement then that ‘energy’ can become a vibration of light. Not always just a single light but many lights, sending out a vibration that is LOVE!”  

Caroline Carey

I’ve only ever danced (at least sober) in my own living room before so I was apprehensive about a weekend exploring the Mandorla via dance with Caroline but felt drawn to take part. I’m so glad I did. Caroline made me feel immediately comfortable and almost as unselfconscious as I am dancing at home. The people who are attracted to the sort of work Caroline does are open hearted, kind and adventurous exactly the sort of fellow explorers you need to venture into this sort of inner work. As an artist I was especially interested in the art-making component of the workshop. I felt free to create in my own way but without the pressure of perfection that I often feel in my professional work, I think anyone at any level of artistic experience (or none) would find this accessible and enriching. The feeling of camaraderie built up over the weekend so when it was time to dive in deep it didn’t feel too intimidating especially with Caroline’s gentle but firm manner of holding space. In the following days I’ve been expanding on the insights I gained over the weekend and believe they will have a significant effect on how I live my life from now on. I couldn’t recommend the Magic of Mandorla workshop more highly, if you’re hesitating I suggest taking the leap! 

Rebecca Fox

The key to transforming the destructive consequences of conflict into life-affirming outcomes lies in how we relate to the tension between opposites. When we can hold the tension within ourselves, bearing the pain, beauty and terror that this brings, we bring the two opposing elements together, creating a space in which the split between the two can be resolved. We call this space the ‘Mandorla’ – a word derived from ‘almond’ in Italian, which refers to the almond shape created when two circles overlap. The Mandorla also known as the ‘Vesica Piscis’ is the sacred space of our soul work; when we stand in this place, we have the ability to transform what once was a curse into powerful medicine for the soul. Its energy is that of the Father Mother Principle in the Divine Union, the Mother of all Forms and the Yin and Yang that has been known to us for decades.

Having no knowledge or expectation of the weekend, my soul called me strongly to Caroline’s workshop. What I experienced was a deep intimacy of being with myself through connection with my Wisdom Dancer.  I felt a beautiful offering of transparency and more intimacy of dance with the other participants, becoming deeper whilst holding the space of my past in the process of dancing my Mandorla in Constellation. A mere week later, I still feel the journey of the Mandorla living within me, speaking my wisdom to me and gaining clarity as it becomes manifest. Thank you for your Mandorla Dance Wisdom Caroline. I feel it’s pull to keep working with it as life unfolds.
Christina Macadam


“Magic of Mandorla, amazing and deep work with Caroline Carey. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT to anyone who is studying to become a therapist or is one already but seeking the thread of connection in continuing your own development and work with your own process (which we so need when we work with others – right?). If you feel called to this work, then follow your intuition and go for it! I think it’s of excellent quality.” 

Suzan Lemont

I attended Caroline Carey‘s Magic of the Mandorla workshop. I feel compelled to write a few words as it was a wonderful and powerful experience with lots of movement/dancing and plenty of deep emotional work. Intense and liberating stuff. Based on this experience I’d most definitely recommend Caroline’s work. 

Neil del Strother

Engaging in the work

During this workshop, we will use the tools of shamanic dance, creativity, movement meditation and constellation-work to enquire with the Magic of the Mandorla. You will have the opportunity to explore some of the conflicts in your life, looking at how they play out and how they affect you by embodying them in the dance.

Then, with the support of the group and a constellation process held and guided by Caroline and the drum beat, you will enter the space of the Mandorla, allowing it to work its magic upon you, bringing the riches of wisdom and new insights.This work is open to all adults, regardless of gender, age, experience or ability. Whether you want to work with deep-rooted issues, or simply discover new insights, whether you are training in therapeutic studies, or a student of life’s experiences, this work has something to offer you.


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02feb(feb 2)7:00 pm04(feb 4)5:00 pmMandorlas Magic - Prague, Czech Republicthe sacred dance of our soul 7:00 pm - 5:00 pm (4) Prague

16feb(feb 16)7:00 pm18(feb 18)5:00 pmMagic Of Mandorla ~ East Sussex, UKthe sacred dance of our soul 7:00 pm - 5:00 pm (18) St Michaels Hospice

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