Being a middle child I always knew a little of this place, being born on the solstice also, a place between dark and light. Born in the Midlands was another dimension to it and from those moments many other places from the middle territory, or landscape began to emerge I realized. I became fascinated with this world, which I began to call ‘Middle Earth Medicine Ways.’ I visited Tolkiens home once, a huge Unicorn stood in the garden and a black cat statuette sat on the roof and all manner of strange things lay around. Tolkiens middle earth wasnt my middle earth but we seemed to relate to much of the same magic!

But back to the dance of the Mandorla territory – we are stretched beyond our normal existence and yet, it is part of who we are, the magic of all we can become when we are brave enough to BE that opposing force within us. It exists and we cannot escape it. I have discovered it time and time again, struggled with it, resisted it and pushed it aside. But it always comes back, either biting my ass or seducing me into its lull of familiarity. For it is the essence of who I am and I cannot fight it.

Sound in any way familiar to you or completely alien? Well I feel absolutely sure that we have all felt the pain and profundity of the ‘power of polarities’ within us at some point in our lives. And when we do, how do we react to it?
I learnt  a particular dance, what I would now call medicine, but also a dance of acceptance, the true essence of our soul, the power and the humility that bares us to the bone….that tears our heart to shreds yet re-boots it to a greater strength.

Dancing with the Mandorla is a stance for freedom, for the warrior within us to awaken and be deeply, in no doubt, about our truth. It might shake us as we dance in its wave, it may frighten us when we shed these old skins that enforce a structure too old to be taken seriously any more. And it might shine the greatest light from our core, into the world where there is no escape, but to be seen.

Taking the Mandorla into our journey, into our heart, creating a totally new awareness of who we are, is a brave step to take. It’s a creative one too, for I believe we cannot grow without creativity, its our birth right, no matter who we are, for we are creative beings after all.

If you are called to dance with the Mandorla’s energy and discover your absolute potential from the deepest part of your inner being, come and dance with us.
This is the very first time I am offering the Magic Of Mandorla in the UK, so it is extra special for me. Maybe for you too?

“Sometimes within our individual self and within the self of our worn-out society, there is no answer to conflict. There is, however, a way to stand within the center of the opposing forces. Conflict creates tremendous energy. If we leave out judgement then that ‘energy’ can become a vibration of light. Not always just a single light but many lights, sending out a vibration that is LOVE!” 

Caroline Carey

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