What is Soul Loss?

There is so much soul loss in our world. Wether we see it afar or in our own homes. Walking down any street, shopping centre, parkland we will come across it. Sometimes in extreme circumstances, other times the look in another’s eye. It is there in plain sight, where...

Purpose is a quality, not a job

So many people are talking about ‘purpose’ but what actually is it? How many times have we heard that our purpose matters? It has become popular and sometimes overrated, the idea that our purpose is important to find. Why has this become such a deep and meaningful...

A voice in the world

I’ve given a lot of thought to my voice over these last few years. My desires to sing and to speak about what is important to me. It always takes me back to growing up, the way I did and how my voice was encouraged – or not. And in the ways it was...

Podcasts and Accountability

Dear Readers, Last year I decided I was going to make a podcast. After all, a lot of people had said they would find this really useful, especially if I could create some meditations and book readings. Well I began it, put it aside for awhile, and then recently made...
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