Dear Readers,

Last year I decided I was going to make a podcast. After all, a lot of people had said they would find this really useful, especially if I could create some meditations and book readings.

Well I began it, put it aside for awhile, and then recently made myself accountable for getting on with it and sharing my voice.
I find the accountability bit really helpful, it spurs me on and ensures I do what I say I’m going to do.
I find an accountability buddy is seriously valuable in these situations, so I recommend having one whole heartedly. In our groups and courses we often have buddies for this very reason, it keeps us on track and helps us to develop the work we are passionate about.
Anyway my podcast is up and running. I have lots of things to learn about the techi side of things but I’m getting there.

What are you creating at the moment to ensure you find fulfillment of your purpose? I would love to know.

I have a passion for the deep connection our purpose has to our soul, thus I follow spiritual principles to ensure I have integrity with all that I offer. Understanding that my purpose is directly linked to my soul, means that I am already on the path of soul-retrieval. As I uncover my purpose, which is a beautiful journey, I find more joy and fulfillment. There is so much self knowledge to be understood here, which can take deep enquiry, but with all that I have learnt is so worth the exploration.

My podcast can be found on my website here

…let me know how it is for you. I’ll be recording more over the winter months for sure.

Sending love
Caroline Carey

Middle Earth Medicine

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