Are you happy with your vocation, fulfilled and joyous in what you bring to community? Are you passionate about the potential of your craft?
If so that’s wonderful and great to know, please tell me more…but if not, if your unfulfilled not knowing your souls calling and somewhere inside there is a feeling of loss and confusion, then…
…how would it be, to be guided through a process that ensures you will find all of that beauty and fulfilment, to reclaim what has been missing and remind yourself of your innate talent and strengths?
Would it excite you to join a group of fellow travellers, intent on developing their purpose, by getting to know the story they hold through memory, experience and intuitive guidance?
I love to see people light up when their soul-purpose is revealed, quite literally those moments of soul-retrieval! The recognition that it has been there all along, the gift that has been hidden, yet is in plain sight.
We all have the ability to uncover what has been with us for a life time, but never quite surfaced – for whatever reason.
We all have the potential to shine and I know that the work we do will empower your light.
Come and join our apprenticeship program, our 13 Week Soul Retrieval course and the possibility of us growing and learning.
We can take this journey together.
Here are the links for these opportunities.
With love
Middle Earth Medicine Ways
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