Recently I was asked to write an article for the Sesame Journal about the Shamanic Journey.

I called it ‘The Embodied Shamanic Journey’ as for me the most profound journeys happen when I am dancing! Thus they include my body, my heart, my mind, soul and spirit. Nothing is left out. It is what I share with others and when studied deeply and profoundly, the journey is heightened to new levels of consciousness rarely experienced in other ways, at least not by myself!

In this article I have covered the use of different brain waves and why it is so important to understand the use of brain patterns and the beats of music that create repetitive movement.  I have also included some of my own personal experience of dance and its healing power. For me it is part of my own Movement Medicine practice and what I combine in my own teachings of this work, as always sharing from my own experience.

If you are interested in shamanism and its use ecstatically with dance, turn to page 15 in this article. I’d be happy to hear your comments.

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