Offering The Dance

Have you ever considered a teacher training to hold dance classes for your community? My dance offerings began over twenty two years ago, with 5 Rhythms classes in West Cork and then Cork City. I branched out to many other cities and countries around the world,...

Journey Of Empowerment

  If I did not know what to be ‘empowered’ meant and I looked at images of what it appeared to mean, I could assume it was all about having strong muscles. There actually seems to be a lot of confusion about this word and I wonder how we might begin to unpick it...

Traditions are alive….in us

The pioneering work of Michael Harner, PhD, brought shamanism to the West. In 1979, he created the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, the world’s foremost shamanic training center. It was the work of Harner that I studied with in the UK when it became very clear...

San – the dance and the song

I’m sitting in the bush, with just the sounds of birds and distant chit chat from the San people in their village. Laughter of children, the odd argument and clanking of dishes. A language I cannot begin to understand, but smiles that are sweet and feel...
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