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Guilt and shame. Two very powerful emotions that we often and usually try to avoid. Guilt can mean that we have done something wrong. Shame means we feel there is something wrong with us.

Ok so we get that. But how necessary is it for us to feel these emotions as a concern for the way we live on this planet? We often hear talks about how to eradicate these feelings, let them go and move on. But actually if the human race took more notice of these emotions and related to their inner conscious in a healthy and connected way, we could actually be much more effective in making changes in the world. How do we awaken the consciousness of the planet? How do we learn to be more gracious and grateful for what we have here and what the earth gives to us, rather than keeping on taking it for granted?

Fact is we are guilty!

For example, if we actually felt guilty for buying and eating meat that had come from an extremely abused animal, could we bare to indulge in it. If we knew fully the suffering that an animal haScreen shot 2014-06-07 at 22.57.04d undergone, would we consider eating free range, organic meat that had not spent the last weeks of its life suffocating and dying of thirst in the back of a lorry.

If we really took our time to understand the harmful effects of factory farming, deforestation, polluted waters, fur trade, over fishing, fracking, massive oil consumption, rape of the land, the list goes on and on…..would we stop for a few moments and ask ourselves ‘what is my part in this and am I responsible?‘

Guilt and shame could actually be the saving of many lives!

If we woke up our own Screen shot 2014-06-07 at 22.58.57innate consciousness, that we all have whoever we are, reminded ourselves we are all guilty and even adopt a little shame over what we are doing, then so long as we ACT on this we could make a significant change in what we do.

We can empower ourselves to be responsible. We can then be responsible enough to live the dream of being authentic humane, human beings with integrity. Living the dream we live in harmony with the planet. Individual consciousness, leads to community consciousness, leads to the effective realization that is needed to heal ourselves and our attitudes to the world.

There are many things we would not do if we allowed ourselves to be truly guilty and ashamed, and we cannot really begin to celebrate our lives until we can honestly say, ‘I am not guilty for any part in the wrong doings of mankWorldind.’

Where do we begin?

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