Do you ever get that feeling that something is changing in your life! You have an idea what it is, but how it will unfold is still a mystery? We might get frustrated at these moments, needing to rush ahead and make these changes happen, to find meaning and purpose within them. We might try to force the change and start to shift things before they are actually ready to ‘be’ changed.

I can feel a sense of this right now, I know  what is happening for me and I also know that I must be patient and allow it to unfold gradually and gently, so that I do not miss the most important fine details of it coming together.
This change in my life is leading me down the ‘Hollow Bone’ pathway, to a new way of offering my work and it is very exciting!
There are new possibilities opening up and the time feels absolutely perfect. What I do know is that I am being guided to see the soul potential of my work and what is landing in the here and now.It is very clear to me that one of our reasons for being born is to find out ‘why we are here’ and ‘what our soul purpose is?’ We are on a journey, opening our crown in wonderment and awe of the possibility.

We are hunters, for most of our lives, seeking that purpose, trying to find out who we are. It is a quest to find ourselves and some times it can drive us a little crazy as we go from task to task, from one belief to another and generally uprooting ourselves time and time again, in this hunter stage of our lives.
And then something happens. We literally drop-in and a little further down into the body, we meet with the earth and all she holds for us. We feel it in our solar-plexus, a heat, the sensation of grief and joy all at once. We remember – and suddenly it all fits into place. There is a sense of belonging and the hunting is over, but this can feel vulnerable for we can no longer be invisible to who we are.

We must show ourselves and that can be frightening as we have no idea what others will think about us. There may be strong judgements! People may want us to stay the same as we were before because it is familiar to them and safe. We may feel loss, as we have to let go of other ways we have lived because they no longer serve us. Once we truly begin, we become much more visible.

The next stage is to become the container for our work, the belly of our soul-offerings, to begin to manifest it and show ourselves. Our solar plexus is now filled with light and we step out. There is a huge amount of joy in our hearts, it is a truly ecstatic experience! Because the soul arrives home and shines its light right through our body. There are no more fears or worries about judgements, there is no place for this, because we simply know what it is we are here to do. No one can tell us otherwise and we have no doubts. We relax deeply into who we are.

It does not mean we never have any more struggles, depending on the work we are doing, but we do it with more ease, being patient with ourselves and understanding the core process that is happening. There is nothing to rush, we relax deeply into our being and we protect the source of light that has landed in our hearts.


And then we feel into our roots, we know their connection to the earth, we can feel that deep rooted sensation as they feed on the nourishment of the soil and we are received home, we are connected, as a channel between the earth and the sky.The work of our soul begins to flow from this moment on. There is no need to worry about success or decision making, it is done and we can laugh at any idea of imperfections.

Of course this Journey takes time and must be completed in all of its stages, all of its shape-shifting, theatre of the human condition. It needs its ritual and its ceremony in order for us to be able to say ‘here I truly am.’

I am interested in your journey, what is the story of your souls home-coming, at what stage are you?

Caroline June 2016


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