A Middle Earth Medicine story unfolds

How to share the foundations of our work, what has already been presented to us, how do we describe what has come from beyond the veil?

So many beautiful people bring their offerings to be witnessed, to be shared, such a blessing to see their stories and dances creating the beauty that they are. I am lost for words in so many ways.

Privileged to be working alongside these dancers, as we find our way together, I am witness to their truth, to their longing, to their hunger for honesty, power and humility, their understanding of what it means to be a fulfilled human being.

I have dreamed in my own ‘Hollow Bone,’ emptied myself of mundanity and traveled to the far shores of upper and lower worlds. And from this place I immerse myself in truth and the opening of hearts. There is no great plan to head into or even unfold except the divine plan, the knowing field, the ‘gathering’ I like to call it. And for sure we journey deep, and many dreams come alive and dances are danced, poetry is written and the mystery unfolds itself.

Trust is the key, trust in myself, in others and in the landscape and territory. I know my own journey and wisdom will make its way into the arena and this I must trust. I trust in Great Spirit ultimately, implicitly and fundamentally, for the greatest teacher knows itself as the inevitable soul-work that it carries.

We cry, we laugh, we hide our shame, until it bursts forth with the support of the fire and reaches into the hearts of others, we spill out from the container that holds us and life is as only we can make it.

Healing takes time, and we give time and watch those discomforts becoming part of our own journey, our own healing and our own manifestations of love. And as all our journeys unfold, we step into that place of ceremony and make our intentions known to all, to Spirit and mostly to ourselves. We open up to something so much greater than ourselves, the drums play their melodies and songs emerge from our hearts. We are reborn.

One day you may wish to join us on this ‘Hollow Bone’ path, but for sure you cannot tread onto it with a mere speaking of frills and light, for you will enter into a dark place inevitably, and why would you not wish this? For in that dark cavern lies a gift of treasure to take home with you, but you must be prepared my friends, this is no fairy tale, no sleeping relaxed state of bliss. Your focus will be required, your concentration and at times your wits, for we will laugh that is sure, we will dance and we will play and we will cross a bridge like no other, to come to this most sacred of landscapes.

There is no escape from Nature once she holds us in her arms, she knows the journey into her soul and she will treat us with the firm hand of the mother who knows. No bullshit, no excuses, just a desire for the truth, to meet her eye to eye, heart to heart and gracefully abide to her spirit, her poetry and her voice that says ‘treat me with care, treat me with grace for I will love you unconditionally, nourish you with good food and support your every move. But if your intent and wish is to destroy me, I will send the most deathly of hurricanes to your door; do not take me for granted!’

And we breathe, and we meet with this life and we meet with the ally we call Death, our most faithful of comrades and we will surely see our existence, just as it really needs to be. For Death is a patient being, knowing death always wins in the end. There is so much to learn, no time like the present, no time to waste, no time to indulge in niceties.

For sure there is an adventure to be had, if you wish to walk this path. The path of the Hollowed Bone, where magic, mystery and intention, are our food and water. The greatest necessity to Middle Earth Medicine Ways.

Originally written and posted on  Caroline Carey


‘Hollow Bone’ Creative Journeys 

with Caroline Carey & Middle Earth Medicine

Caroline has traversed the many territories of human emotion. With decades of intense study of her personal accounts and by holding a safe space for others, she has identified deep layers of suffering, transforming it into emotional intelligence and liberating experiences. She sees the addressing of emotion and riding its profound landscapes as opening gateways into better living, lessening of traumatic responses, increased intelligence and a deeper sense of well-being.

The embodiment of the heart’s wisdom has been Carolines primary objective throughout her many years of tutelage and coaching. By combining traditional shamanic tools, ritual theatre and personal development she helps others to root and embody spirituality into their modern day environment.

We dream in our own ‘Hollow Bone,’ emptying ourselves of mundanity as we travel to the far shores of the upper and lower worlds.

Caroline offers a series of workshops to explore emotional intelligence, bring forth creative abundance as we seek together the guidance of a deeper well of mystery. 

Each workshop includes conscious movement and dance, meditations, creative tasks and group sharing.

No experience necessary, however it is helpful to have engaged in some movement or personal development work.

  • The Oracle Of Medicine & seeking our spirit song
  • The Fabric Of My Soul ~ mask creation
  • Magic of Mandorla ~ a sovereign path
  • The Heart Of Wellbeing ~ our deepest offering

In East Sussex, 2022 Contact email: caroline(@)middleearthmedicine.com

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