The Sovereign Archetype - Online Workshop

07oct7:00 pm9:00 pmThe Sovereign Archetype - Online Workshop

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SovereignI can stand in my strength yet my humility must hold the reins, with a lightness of touch

Sovereignty is the very place we began at birth when we arrived as the Crown in the Magical Garden. The place of our innocence is where we are pure and soulful, we reclaim that crown.

Life takes us on a journey where we begin to lose the magic, we become lost in the trappings of a self-conscious world, an ego centered world and gradually or sometimes suddenly, we lose the God centered world of love, prayer and care.

When our soul purpose truly lands there comes a time when we must stand fully on our own ground taking responsibility for what we have created and where we have come to. Are we ready for this transition from manifesting to arriving? To be that adult, in an adult world and to be in service to others, to our community, the environment, to our souls calling.

There may be many challenges not previously thought about, but there is no turning back, the journey has brought us this far and it is time to take our place.

We have known the sovereignty from the time of birth, yet we have not known how it sits with us. We have known on a deep core level that there is a purpose, yet we have also had to ride the journey of our life with an expectation of the awakening.

We cannot of known where it would lead us because the dream had to be forgotten, else we would not have lived the life we needed, or had the experiences that gave us our tools and discovered its true purpose, as we remember step by step, we get closer to the call. The dream begins to be remembered through the flesh and the heart of the body, memory awakening, until it is fully embraced.

The Sovereign always see’s the beauty and strengths in others and wants for everyone’s growth, doing ones best to support this. We then deserve to wear this crown, the crown that connects us to the spirit realms, to the God of our own understanding, the maker of our own universe. And in this place humility will be a resource, as will maturity of the soul.

It can take many, many years to recall the dream, but remember it we must, if we are to truly live and inhabit our Sovereignty, then we begin to offer with integrity what is ours to do.

The crown will  hold the essence of the innocence of mine, reminding of my journey, it does not fully fit, for there is a soul between, of all that is below and all that is above as the magic of the dream

Isolation will not serve me, nor fulfill my growth, this journey undertaken, I cannot take alone and my trusty soul advisors will sit beside my throne

There too my sword and scepter, my drum and trusty steed will keep me well connected, if I am to succeed

These webinars take us on a monthly journey to enquire into our own offerings, to share experiences and to help us understand the journey of our own unique soul.

What others say:

I really enjoyed the little (webinar) journey last night and was surprised by how powerful it was for a computer mediated one! Florence Vion

“The ten months lasting journey around the wheel has been a real adventure for me and I wish to thank all of you, who I have met in this fascinating online world during the journeys through the wheel. Thank you Caroline for making happen those rich sharings and also for sharing your wisdom. I´m very much looking forward to the book and the cards.” Sabine Schreem

You can join in the webinars at anytime during the course, there is an introduction at the beginning of each one.

Webinars are live with Caroline. A time to explore and share about experiences as well as journey with each of the dwellings and archetypes. 




(Wednesday) 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm(GMT+00:00)




£17 for one webinar

Cost for the whole year is £150 for ten or £17 for individual webinars

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