Soul Retrieval ~ The Thirteen Levels Of Power ~ Acknowledging the life force of your soul’s journey

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Soul Retrieval ~ The Thirteen Levels Of Empowerment

Acknowledging the life force of your soul’s journey

Navigate your life story for personal wellbeing

From Innocence to Sovereignty

The first level of inner soul empowerment – GRACE/Heart

Problem: Do you live in anxiety abut the future or the past? Do you feel you are missing out on the potential of your career or vocation? Do you have a sense of loss, frustration or fear? Would it help to let go of these negative thought patterns?

Is it time to believe in yourself?

Solution: Become an inner witness to your journey, observing the connections between the spiritual and the physical. Hand over to a power greater than your own personality.

        • Meditate
        • Observe
        • Listen

Outcome: Adopting calmness, presence, trust and serenity with fresh insights leading to greater wisdom and awareness. 

Nine physical levels of soul empowerment – PHYSICAL/Matter

Problem: Do you find it hard to concentrate and focus on the body and breath, do you give yourself enough time for self care and creativity? Do you forget about the importance of your soul purpose and the relevance it has in your life? Have your gifts and talents been undermined?

Solution: Take a  journey, into the physical manifestation of life, experience and interact with others. Study your existence and life story. Visit emotional gateways that may not have felt safe to visit alone, learn to embody your gifts and talents.

    • Movement, Dance, Embodiment,
    • Documenting, Creating
    • Sharing
    • Group dynamics

Outcome: Become confident in your talents, receive feedback from others, take an honest view of where you are blinded or blocked by failures or disillusionment. Empower your psyche, your voice and your presence.

Three levels of spiritual soul empowerment  – SPIRITUAL/Soul

Problem: Have you worked endlessly, had great ideas, persevered no matter what and reached  a stage in your life where you wonder what is the point, no money, no clients, no work? You’ve done the work but it’s not working.

    • Manifesting
    • Offering
    • Empowering others
    • Receiving fulfilment

Solution: Know yourself, your gifts and offerings, open to the journey that was intended for you from the beginning of time. Know the blocks and begin to take different actions. Witness the bigger picture of your place on Earth, improving and igniting the root to the marriage of your soul and ego?

Outcome: Grow the ability to ‘know yourself’ from a deep core level, to recognise the imperfections and know where there is work to be done. Recognise your soul blueprint, your sacred contract, your greatest encounter with life. Oversee the work needed from a detached understanding. Move forward with success.

We begin this journey by learning about each of these power stages via shared experiences, creativity, meditation and embodied practice. 

Once fully understood, we can begin to merge the interplay between archetypal energies, significant life experiences and creative outlets with the grace and serenity of knowing our purpose in life. 

Includes Conscious Dance, Creative Tasks, Group Sharing, Documents and Recordings.

We work with ‘The Wheel Of Soul’s Return’ as a guiding force, a creative gateway into the inner landscapes of the heart, the empowerment of the body and the clarity of the mind.

Emotional acceptance supports the inner child to feel heard and nurtured. Unravels old stories – seeks healing and finds wholeness.

Creative tasks enable the student to learn from processes that move the unconscious from the unknown into the known. 

Physical embodiment, movement meditations and dance, connection to body and breath as a means to evoke freedom, enabling memory release, energetic movement of emotion, an outlet for held in suffering, due to trauma, neglect or soul-loss.

Spiritual wisdom ignites the deep life force that has been put to sleep, awakening the light we hold and reminding us of our true nature and reason for being here. 

Join our Thirteen Week group process to begin the journey into your Soul’s Empowerment, developing your own GPS to navigate the fulfilment of your journey.

What do you receive?

  • Ninety minute in-depth enquiry into archetypes, resources and levels of power
  • Drum journeys and embodiment exercises
  • A debrief email with documentation on the work and our time together
  • A recording of each session
  • A creative task to empower your journey through the week

From there join our membership programme and apprenticeship circle that empowers ongoing professional development.

Will you give yourself one evening a week, plus creative tasks and a connection to others on this path, to find your fulfilment?

So, what will you get from this course?

  • Opportunities to discover your gifts and talents and ensure that they serve you and others in this lifetime.
  • An understanding of what your core wound is and how you can use it to claim your potential.
  • Resources that support your life-force to use in everyday situations.
  • Guidance through exercises that help you know yourself more clearly.
  • Connection to an intimate group of like-minded people.
  • Creative tasks that inspire.
  • The opportunity to explore your history with new perspectives, so that you can leave behind negativity and old beliefs.
  • The embodiment of archetypes that strengthen your talent.
  • The ability to stand on the stage of life, strengthen your voice and share your gift.
  • Knowledge that you are investing in YOUR life, YOUR fulfillments and YOUR happiness.

The next thirteen week process begins Thursday 7th September until 30th November. Full cost is £255 for thirteen weekly sessions. To book your place, please send £100 to the account listed on the website or via PayPal. and we’ll send joining instructions.

The Thirteen Week course is a prerequisite for our MEM Apprenticeship and Training.

“Since I’ve known Caroline and her work, my own life became more clear and accessible. As a student, a friend and supporter of this work I deeply recommend to try it out, it is enchanting.” 

Elisabeth Shrag

“This course has been a path to free my voice and personal vision, while healing old wounds.” 

Elixxchel Lily

Some people have joined these groups with no idea of who they really are and unaware of any personal talent or the gift …but through this weekly process, they have discovered there is much more to them than they ever realised.

Join us to find out more and experience this exciting exploration of the inner journey that leads to clarity about your contribution to the outer journey.

For more information about The Wheel Of Soul’s Return, please CLICK HERE

If you are currently undergoing financial difficulties, you are welcome to ask for payment options and plans. Please Email 

Starting Thursday 7th September. ONLINE ZOOM GROUP PROCESS. Booking online £100 with PayPal or on website.

Please note there are no refunds or exchanges once the course has commenced. Deposit is non-refundable

Bookings are being taken and a lovely group is forming. See below for more information or HEREWe look forward to sharing the journey with you.


November 30, 2023 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm GMT(GMT+01:00)



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