Thank you so much for bringing your Medicine to South Africa again! I was deeply touched and changed forever on a core level by every encounter. You are indeed a magic weaver and I am honoured every time I am touched by and learn from you. I hold your energy close to my heart and look forward to our next encounter


Caroline has a life times experience of the shamanic world, now integrated through out her offering as a Medicine Woman and Soul-Worker. She offers this training to those who wish to follow its path.


“Caroline Carey is a shamanic healer and teacher, who has dived deeply into the rich dark roots of the shamanic path and danced within its primal landscapes. I am very pleased that she has now chosen to share her skills in accessing the ecstatic abandonment that shamanism brings for healing and transformation: you are in good hands.”

Simon Buxton

The Sacred Trust

Please join our membership platform to access information, be part of a growing community, find the knowledge necessary for this journey and join our 13 week soul retrieval process. 

You will then have the necessary pre-requisites to join the training process

I have never seen anyone navigate chaos with as much grace, courage and tenacity as this woman, her broad feet rooted deeply in the earth whilst her heart seemingly stretches beyond any star visible to you or I. She is capable of bridging the extreme gaps between the territory of the soul and the world of flesh and bones; of transiting the gateways between birth and death, this world and the next. She is a gifted gatekeeper.

Sally Elsbury

Mask Maker Actress, Acting Innovations

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