Hunting & The Vision Walk

The shamans world is as much about our connection with nature as working with our tools and practices. ‘Nature is the visible face of spirit.’ Spending time in nature for contemplation, focusing our intention on our walk, our deep listening and the observing of nature, we look for signs to assist us in our future work as we fulfill our potential. We can often discover medicine songs, poetry, stories and the requests from spirit and the creative force that lies within each one of us. The hunt will take us through the night-time and into the days ahead. Visioning in our life and purpose!

A combination of dance and creativity, vision quest, during day and night, seeking for the visions that will enhance our soul purpose and empower our lives. Much of our time will be spent alone and in silence, in nature during the day and the night.

A journey into the quiet, to meet with our guides and the visible face of spirit.

There are two Intensive workshop of Vision Walking

Hunting & The Vision Walk – Birth.

Hunting & The Vision Walk – Death & Rebirth (advanced)


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