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june, 2021

27jun10:30 am4:30 pmSoul Action - An Online Workshop With Caroline10:30 am - 4:30 pm Online

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Awaken Your Dancer – Empower Your Soul – Embody Your Purpose in Life! An online workshop with Caroline.

Many of us live with a sense that something is ‘missing’ – as if there is a void lurking beneath the surface of our lives that we can never quite fill. As a result, we can spend our lives endlessly seeking to fill that emptiness with more – more money, more possessions, more relationships. However, this is ultimately a fruitless quest because often what we are really seeking cannot be found ‘out there’ in the physical world for they are the lost parts of our soul – fragments that may have split off many years earlier, or in more mainstream terms it may be that we have lost our self esteem, self worth and value for many different reasons, like trauma, neglect, conditioning or disease.

Not only does soul loss leave a legacy of ongoing dysfunction, fatigue, illness and depression, but it can also dis-empower us by crippling our ability to move forward.
Reclaiming and reintegrating the lost parts of the us is therefore a crucial first step towards self-empowerment. Only then can we align ourselves with our true/soul’s purpose in order to manifest the abundance of our highest potential.

In this workshop, Caroline will support you to reclaim the lost parts of your true nature. In a safe and held environment, she will guide you on a journey into the depths, exploring what is missing and what needs to be reclaimed.

There will be opportunity to move and dance, processes, plenty of creative writing, drum journeys, sharing and break out rooms with others. There will be breaks and time out from computer.

Realign yourself with your soul, ready for action in the world.

We cannot know the truth about ourselves by only using our mind…so go deeper search the depths of your own caverns, and find out who you really are. Go deeper because you always can, knowing that the gift that YOU are, lies as a hidden jewel deep inside you.

Never give up, keep asking those questions and meeting the place where two worlds connect with each other

And ask yourself – Who am I?

For you are the light, hiding in your own dark!

This workshop costs £95 or a concession £80 for those in need. Deposit to pay upfront is £45.

Please follow payment guide to select your payment. A joining letter will be sent shortly after your booking.


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