Periodic excerpts from Caroline's books

Her books are published by MyVoice Publishing and are available on Amazon or from The School Of Movement Medicine shop

There is an awakening in the world. A new intelligence is forming from the chaos we have created. We can no longer live as a 'what about me' society. There is work to be done on many different levels. We need courage and integrity to do the personal healing work necessary for us to be healthy, strong and empowered.


Our relationships to others need honest communication and compassion. We can then surrender the 'self' and offer to our environment, communities and societies the service that is required in a deeply spiritual and practical way.


We cannot ignore the deep wounding and suffering we perpetually carry that affects our relationships. We can no longer discard the intelligence of our heart within business. Our own bodies can no longer be a mechanism for supporting and carrying around a mind that is solely focused on wealth, personal pleasure and achievements.


The body has much greater function than that and needs to run efficiently to its fullest potential. It needs to move with focus giving attention to what really matters in the moment.


The awareness that spirituality brings is creating better work places, home lives, school and education systems. It means we have to pay more attention to the earth that supports us, thus creating a deeper connection to the elemental forces around us.


The 'human soul' that has been largely ignored in our society, is the part of us that sustains us through the inevitable challenges that are yet to come. Without learning to make those connections, there is an unbelievable loss.


If we do the necessary work now, there is great hope for the children who follow us. The way forward for the collective is to make discoveries into the innate wisdom and intelligence that is the new consciousness of our times.


Carolines books include

'Ms'Guided Angel'

'Reclaimed Innocence'

'SHE has a Voice'

'The Circle, The Fire & The Phoenix'

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