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Your books talk much of perceiving the past ‘now’ as an alliance, as opposed to an endurance. To use the past as a tool for growth and change. As opposed to it relentlessly smashing us against rocks of despair and discouragement. Alchemise past! Use the the past! Not the past use us! This is what I glean from your teachings. I need to know this….as before I even open my eyes in the morning my past is in the corner of the room doing star jumps and press ups..  So I need to to know about Alchemy. I need to know there is another way.  Colin Harrison

When I ordered your book I expected something very different  looking as I always am for a solution to what I perceive as my problems. Reading it was humbling and empowering at the same time. Just thank you very much for your work. Sharing your story as you did served as a  powerful and moving gift from you much appreciated by me. Deborah


‘Ms’Guided Angel – Revisited: An Innocence Reclaimed.’

Caroline’s is a story of surviving and thriving against the odds, of finding resilience through trauma recovery.

This book invites us on a compelling, deeply moving and tender journey of finding ourselves. Through repeated challenges and cycles of death and rebirth;

Caroline’s is a story of surviving and thriving against the odds, of finding resilience through trauma recovery. In sharing her journey, a reclamation of an innocence once lost, she offers the reader hope and inspiration, guiding them to follow the whispers of spirit and the path of their soul.

Wow! Since I received ‘Ms’Guided Angel ~ Revisited’ yesterday morning, I truly have not put it down! I have received the absolute blessing of healing from reading your story. My heart wings are flung open and I’m dancing. Gods time is the right time. Susan Smith

Using poetic and evocative language, including exquisite and heartrending interwoven personal writings and poetry, Caroline evokes memories and stories of the past and the tapestry of her life. We are taken on a rich journey across many internal and external landscapes. Her writing style, poetic voice and attention to detail, brings our senses to life.

This book is a true embrace of Caroline’s courage and gift as a writer. We are reminded of just how important our life story is, if we pay attention to it. “Ms’ Guided Angel – Revisited” is a testament to the healing power of story, finding one’s own medicine and embracing the myth of who we are; discovering the deepest call of our purpose.

I just finished reading your book “Ms’Guided Angel”.
I write these words to you with deep appreciation for all that you shared, your honesty and the unmasked truth. I sense the powerful energy in your dance transforming all you allowed to be transformed.
It is deeply encouraging to read your story, I look into a mirror in many of the events your described and tears were flowing. Thank you for awakening this in me through sharing your story.   Agnes.

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Middle Earth Wisdom

Middle Earth Wisdom Carolines latest book.This is a call to awaken, to embody our true nature.

In this book, Caroline takes the reader on a quest of soul retrieval. She weaves elements of her own personal story, traversing decades of study, dance and creativity, with her understanding of a collective innocence that knows pain and longing, calling us all to deepen the exploration of our inner life and mystery.

Many of us are on a quest to heal what has been broken. So how might we fulfill that quest?

This book offers a map for the quest, that supports our individual process as we embark on the journey of reconnecting to our true nature ~ the place where the union of soul & ego can live in the REAL world.

It is often in the language of the poet, the heart of the dancer, the hunger of the artist wherein lies a sensitivity and a melancholic spirit – deep in the bones, held tightly in the muscles or shrouded in trauma that is hard to heal. Left to consume more of the horror that has grabbed his or her arm, it creates isolation from community and purpose, detaching itself from serenity.’

Yes, this is for you my brothers and sisters. This is for you.

The Oracle – Middle Earth Medicine

Taking the journey with Middle Earth Wisdom, we discover that hidden in our own darkness, there is a shining light – representing the union of soul & ego, and the presence of our own Sovereign. This is our birth right and one that we are being called to reclaim in these times.

We find out who we are!

For the dancers, the freedom makers, the liberators of soul, the poets and celebrators, the magicians of our fold.’

Ms’Guided Angel (first publication no longer available)

Caroline’s first autobiographical book takes us on the journey she experienced through a 5 Rhythms dance training (1999), bringing up six children and healing from sexual abuse and challenging relationships. She shares her dance, poetry and shamanic journey. An honest and thought provoking story for her readers.

Despite growing up in idyllic English countryside, dwelling in enchanted gardens and riding ponies, Caroline’s life was shadowed by a dark presence. At 16 and pregnant she was thrust into working class poverty, with a blind boyfriend, and betting offices. With determination and her wild imagination, she unleashed the free dancing spirit that has been her saving grace throughout childhood. Rearing her six children and coping with a succession of dramatic and challenging relationships, she delves into the world of shamanism, ritual and medicine, on her way to becoming a mystical teacher. She discovers the passion of moving her body and connecting with her heart, can transform every aspect of her life. Her work is very original, provocative, challenging, sexy, raw and full of passionate fiery wisdom. Could these unique teachings, journeys and insights, show us that falling deeply in love with our own lives and accepting it as an adventure, be a way forward for us all?

Caroline has rewritten this book and is available in this shop.

I have journeyed with your life story, having just closed the pages of Ms Guided Angel, my vulnerable broken heart physically aching at the resonance of so much of your journey. Your quest for Truth, Freedom and Unconditional Love and the path that you have chosen to realise and honour You reflect so much of my own struggle to keep moving and trusting each moment, each breath to move me deeper and deeper into Knowing and Acceptance of myself, trusting I have something worthwhile to offer to this world.
I am profoundly grateful for your teaching and sharing of your story, it gives me hope and I find comfort in the wisdom of your words speaking so much of my own Truth and personal story. Samantha Brauer
The Circle, The Fire & The Phoenix

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This book is based upon the work Caroline offers around the world and focuses on the in-depth healing that occurs, when we engage our bodies in movement and connect to our hearts. She brings her own stories to everything she writes about, including Soul Retrieval – healing the soul of community, ancestors and the planet, poetry and prose intermingle with teachings from the heart. Writing from her experience of childhood sexual abuse and the changes she made to overcome it making huge and positive steps since first writing her autobiography, Caroline says “The actual writing of my story was cathartic and deeply healing and I know, helped many other women with their own journeys.” The contents of this book are woven with thoughts on how we can expand and row our own metaphoric wings, leaving behind what no longer serves.

In a poetic and subtle way, she takes readers on a journey into their own innate wisdom and what may have been forgotten over time. It is a re-awakening to our own truth and a reminder of our innocence and soul purpose. Caroline includes her experiences with Shamanic and Indigenous people. Dancing in ceremony gives the book more in depth understanding about trance dance, its origins and how it can help us to heal through understanding the art of repetition.

This book is also now translated and available in Czech Republic, Kruh, Ohen a Fenix with Maitrea

I loved your book because it was all about; the completely authentic, outrageous, courageous dancing lover shaman that you are. It (you) inspires all of us through your story including the pain, set-backs and adventures you took.The bits I know first-hand I regard as a privilege. You never lost your way, never wavered even when it seemed the odds were stacked against you. And now you have your just rewards with your special man, your passion and the new chapters that you will write.
And we shall read… Victor Marino, Executive Coach 
Thank you for the lovely writings and your stories you’ve shared.  I relate to alot of it…..and I think there is a common theme there for women in the “giving yourself away”….this happens so much with women who’ve suffered abuse. It would be a good, inspiring read for women who are still stuck in this scenario. Jenny Fahy, 5Rhythms teacher, mum and pupeteer.

‘SHE has a Voice’ Caroline Carey’s first poetry book. A writer of her own autobiography ‘Ms’Guided Angel’ (published in 2010) and subsequent book ‘Reclaimed Innocence’ (2012) Caroline compiled her poetry from her books and more, after popular request. Her poems are not of the ordinary and encourage the reader or listener to dig deeply into their own imagination and sense the subtle yet life affirming words that make Caroline’s poems a treasure trove with soulful connections to the human, the natural and the animal worlds. Here you can journey to the corners of your mind often not explored, to the further most reaches of your heart and tap into emotions that may never have been brought to life. You may wonder at your own imagination and where you have left it behind! What ever you find hidden in-between the words and sentences, in the gaps between the pages, you can be assured there is magic lurking, if you dare to look!
Many of us struggle with our voices, speaking out and singing our own songs. Caroline encourages you, the reader, to find YOUR own voice, to speak the

words that are hidden, to reveal your own secrets to the world and step into being just who you really are. For we ALL Have A Voice.

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