With Ben Cole and Caroline Carey


Learn the secrets of authentic presence, make peace with the camera and reveal yourself to yourself with this inspiring weekend workshop.


In our ever-evolving, multimedia world, the ability to communicate powerfully and authentically on camera is becoming ever more important and valuable. Whether you are promoting your business via your website, communicating with clients through social media or spreading new ideas on YouTube, you need to know that when you speak on camera, your audience will enjoy your relaxed and authentic presence.


Facilitated by award-winning film-maker Ben Cole and experienced Movement Medicine teacher Caroline Carey, this weekend will provide a safe, supportive and intimate setting in which to explore how to communicate through a camera. The camera then becomes a tool that enables you to see yourself the way that others see you when you are grounded, authentic and in a relaxed mood. You will gain insights about yourself, discover what your unique qualities are and learn how to relax any fears that may be holding you back. Then your ego serves your soul’s purpose and the inner critic drops away to reveal the truth of who you are.


By the end of the weekend, you will have learnt how you can access that place of relaxation and connection that enables you to drop the protective masks and allow your natural presence to shine through before the camera.

Prerequisites: No prior experience is required.


In-Sight is a prerequisite for the more advanced workshop, ‘Captivate, Communicate, Create’.


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