The Shamans Oracle – a portal to the spirit world

The Shamanic Journey is an ancient practice which connects us to the Spirit world. Along with Animism, it is the most time tested of all spiritual practices.

Often used during healing's, ecstatic dance, soul retrieval for gathering insights and wisdom, the shamanic journey offers us a way to seek guidance and support in our daily lives, connecting us to the Spirit World of power animals, guides, allies and guardians. You will learn how to access the 'other' worlds via 'axis mundis' and learn how to interact with what you find, to move with them, embodying the wisdom and information as well as a deeper access to spirit allies and guardians, teachers and power animals.

Our imagination becomes a portal to the spirit world, where we begin to perceive and connect with the other worlds, also using myth and inner guidance of the heart.  We begin to imagine that non-ordinary reality and vision-in what we learn to expect to see, characteristically archetypal and nonlinear in nature. Our imagination gives the journey a container which can help us to interpret the messages we receive. This gives us a way to articulate the experience for ourselves, to write it and draw it, create art or poetry. We become story tellers of our own visions. We can then translate what we receive into our 'ordinary' reality, manifesting our dreams upon the earth.

We aim for this work to be body centered and in this particular gathering it will be used with dance, movement, as well as by sitting or lying down. We may find ourselves speaking or singing, telling stories and finding new poetry.

Within the journey we are experiencing an altered state of consciousness, that expands our awareness to many dimensions. Expanding our awareness to include not just our ordinary state, sometimes called the mundane state, but to understand on a much deeper level, the potentials held in the metaphoric, the artistic and the creative. We learn different ways of 'seeing' things, like the patterns in our lives, the habits, the ways of relating and within relationships. We learn to understand things in a whole new way, interpreting them to find a greater meaning for ourselves finding more passion, purpose, and authenticity.

Caroline has studied with her own teachers the shamanic journey, using it for dance as well as the healings she offers, her soul retrieval work and Mandorla process's, it is at the route of her own journey and strong connection to animism and the shamanic path.

This workshop gives you free access to level 1 of the online journey course on this website.


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