SHE Journeys Deeper


Ongoing group for women

SHE journeys deeper to find the gold of her essence, the soul of connection and the wisdom of her own making.


Are you currently on a path of healing? Is your life in the process of fundamental change? Are you facing challenges in your relationships, career, or around your body and sexuality?


As women, we can often find ourselves struggling alone with such predicaments, cast adrift in a complex world without the support of the elders and wisdom traditions that once sustained and guided our forebears. In order to navigate our way through this terrain, it is becoming increasingly necessary to join together as shamanic, dancing warriors to create new practices and rituals that reconnect us to our ancestry, while simultaneously equipping us for the unique challenges of our modern lives.


In this three-module women’s journey, we will begin to reclaim our wise women ways, reweaving our connection to our shamanic feminine lineages by exploring the threads of wisdom that flow through us and between us. We will do this in ways that are not prescriptive or fixed in any one tradition, but rather involve a deep remembering of who we are as individuals and wise women, and what our souls call to offer to the world and one another.


During the course, Caroline Carey will guide you through a variety of shamanic practices and exercises to support you in this process. These will include powerful meditations and Movement Medicine ecstatic dance practice, as well as creative opportunities, such as drumming, singing, mask-making, poetry-writing and creating personal medicine bags. You will have the opportunity to sit in circle and share the stories that are unfolding for you, engaging in deep process work to mend what has been broken, release the restrictions that bind you and find your unique voice.


Together, we will create rituals and ceremonies that give meaning to the journey as it unfolds, honouring what is emerging and transforming what needs to shift.

Prerequisites: 20 hours Movement Medicine practice with a qualified teacher.

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