SHE is Dreaming

In the chill darkness of the winter months, it can feel as if Time herself stands still, pausing for breath before her emergence once again in the spring. But even at this time of stillness and death, beneath the iron-hard ground lie the seeds of the new, awaiting the warmth and light that will signal their time to germinate and blossom once again.


In SHE is Dreaming with Movement Medicine Faculty member Caroline Carey, you will have the opportunity to sink deeply into the restful arms of winter in the company of other women. In a safe and nurturing environment, there will be time to listen deeply to yourself and your inner wisdom. Our intention will be to honour what has passed, to let go of what no longer serves and to nourish the dream-seeds we wish to flourish in the coming year.


During the workshop, Caroline will guide you through a gentle, yet powerful, sequence of activities, including dance and movement, creative writing, meditation and soulful sharing to support and deepen the collective dreaming of the group. The workshop will culminate in a potent ceremony in which we will offer gratitude for the gifts we’ve received, plant the seeds of new beginnings and call our dreaming into life through dance, witnessing and journeying.

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