SHE is Awake

SHE is Awake - for women only

Caroline's approach to this work is one of gentle integrity. She works from her own life experiences which she shares with you.

When women wake from the deep slumber of mundanity, they can awaken to an incredible life force that can often feel overwhelming. What to do with this new found energy, particularly at times of menopause can be confusing and often brings fear in its wake. Questions like 'who am I' and 'what do I need to be doing with my life' become constant thoughts and discussions. Life becomes an enquiry and without women elders, peers and sisters, who are happy to discuss these challenging times and share their own experiences we can become lost.

In this gathering of women, held by the homely environment of Telescombe Village Hall, with its fire place and beautiful gardens and location, we will share our stories, what ever the time of our life, learning from each other and offering what we can as wisdom for those traveling this path alongside us. Our journey will help us to connect with the ancestors of our lineage, the women who came before us and allow some of their healing to find its way through us, affecting us all in this passage of time.

All ages are welcome, what ever your experience. All that is required is a willingness to move your body, open your heart, to listen and learn and to support each other.

Caroline will hold a safe space, with music to dance to, opening up circles and individual sharings, giving time to walk in silence and contemplate our passage, awakening into the years ahead.

Caroline has held womens groups for many years and the 'SHE' series of workshops has been offered world wide. She is a Medicine Woman, Mother and Grandmother, a published writer and a space holder of 'Middle Earth Medicine Ways.'