My Body My Home


A healing residential gathering for women who have experienced sexual abuse


Sexual abuse rips through our relationship with ourselves, alienating us from our bodies, distorting our self-image and polluting the ground of our being with feelings of shame and distrust.


Reclaiming a positive relationship with our bodies is an important step towards healing from sexual abuse. When we consciously choose to move back into our bodies and to give expression to whatever we find there, we can begin the work of releasing the traumas that keep us trapped in the nightmare of what happened to us.


In this workshop, Faculty member Caroline Carey will draw on Movement Medicine and her own experiences of healing from abuse to support you to become ever more present in your body, moment by moment, movement by movement. This radically simple practice will enable you to reclaim your body for yourself so that gradually old patterns fall away and you discover the gifts that reside there – both the pleasure and the pain.


During the workshop, you will also have ample opportunities to share your stories freely and authentically with other women who deeply understand. This is a powerful and creative act of self-expression that constitutes a profound remembering of who we are, with the potential to catalyse lasting positive change in our lives.

Prerequisites: At least 20 hours of Movement Medicine practice with a qualified teacher.

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