Passion Unlimited

Where the soul and the ego fall in love


Do you feel a lack of purpose or direction in your life? Do you long to discover your true passion or calling? Do you yearn to contribute to the world but are not sure what that contribution should be?


Some believe that the key to finding and embodying our true calling in life lies in the sacred marriage of soul and ego. We can understand ‘soul’ as the immortal part of the self that connects us to the universal web of consciousness and carries our true purpose in this life. We can think of ‘ego’ as the container for soul – the part of the self that functions in the world and provides a channel for our creativity. Both aspects are vital: soul without ego is unable to manifest its vision in the world; ego without soul tends towards actions that are self-serving and lacking in heart.


Many of us have lost our connection to soul. We are born with this connection as our birth-right but, typically, as we grow older, our natural creativity – the outpouring of soul – is quashed: we are diverted from our passions, discouraged from pursuing our loves, in favour of choices that others – parents, teachers, society – consider to be more important.


In this workshop, Movement Medicine teacher Caroline Carey offers you the chance to revisit your childhood self in order to reclaim your connection to soul and so discover your deeper purpose. In the company of like-minded people, you will dance with your story, seeking the memories of lost passions – the messengers of soul. You will invite these memories into your dance, embodying them, expressing them, releasing yourself from the binds of limiting beliefs.


The workshop will culminate in a deep trance dance to call back the spirit of passion into our lives. Through this dance, soul will meet ego as we ground our purpose within the body and discover the next steps needed to bring our soul work more fully into the world.


“The soul and ego need each other; they need to fall in love. The soul is the dreamer, the one that lives within the mystery. The ego becomes the hands of the soul as it falls deeper and deeper into this connection. Without the ego, the soul has no hands; it is not able to manifest the dream into the world. Ego without soul has no journey to go on; it simply creates for the sake of personal possession, for self-gratification. There is no sense of service to others or community and most certainly not to the world. Until the ego meets with the soul, true love cannot be born.” From Reclaimed Innocence, C. Carey ©

Upcoming Events

Upcoming workshops: Bristol, UK, February 2016.