Sacred Mandorla II

The Collective Story & Realizing Ourselves

An Intensive Exploration (residential)


with Caroline Carey

The Mandorla, The Areola.  The shape, also known as vesica piscis, the Vessel of the Fish, occurs when two circles overlap to form an almond shape in the middle; hence, the name mandorla, which means “almond nut” in Italian. It is used in many religious symbols to depict moments which transcend ordinary reality in time and space.

The brightness of the Areola can only be depicted by the surrounding darkness. We explore, in this work, the areas of shadow that are part of our lives. The unexplored aspects of how conflict that we live with, will often create these shadows and by stepping into our own areola we begin to illuminate the energy we hold that is unseen and unconscious.

Where there is conflict there is light & there is potential for healing, for new growth and greater freedom, leading to collaboration of community and societies. As we discover the power of our own Mandorla, we can collectively make change, not just for ourselves, but for humanity.

The mandorla brings together what has been torn apart, for what ever reason and made un-whole.  The complete mandorla represents the sacred divide between spirit and matter, masculine and feminine, earth and fire, yin and yang, light and dark. Being within the energy field of the mandorla's connection is considered to be the most profound religious experience one can have in life.

In this intensive our focus will b eon the collective story and therefor it is important that participants have experienced the 'Magic of Mandorla' previously. See this page>>


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Art by Cicero Greathouse.

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