Roots Of Shame

in the seen and the unseen


An intensive Movement Medicine workshop.

Using the Mandorla principles of spatial awareness and choreography.

Weaving between the stories within stories and the woundings that create shame and the shame that creates wounds.

Shame can take  us into very deep and dark recess's of heart, body and mind. Daring to explore these deep 'pits' within our psyches enables us to find rich medicine for ongoing creativity and renewal. Daring to walk that path illuminates the old stories and shows us what now serves us and what keeps us small and unseen.


This work is deep and sometimes walks through the fine lines between sanity and madness, liberation and creativity, we learn to dance with it all, freeing ourselves and making friends with the protective boundaries of shame.


We learn to see how they have served us and protected us as well as having kept us stuck in areas of our lives that we wish to move on from.


This work includes The Magic Of Mandorla, trance dance, sharing and connection to others. We use the mesa practice of Movement Medicine to support our process and bring strength to areas of our lives that need awakening.


In the UK very soon............

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