Ancestral Elements

We are the ancestors of the future. How would WE like to be remembered?

The elements are our oldest ancestors. Carrying the wisdom of aeons, they are our teachers and guides. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to connect with the spirit of each of these elements through focused Movement Medicine practice, asking for support from the earth, creative energy from the fire, deep cleansing from the waters of life and connection to spirit through the element of air.

Having re-established your connection with these elemental forces, you will then have the opportunity to tune into your human ancestral line. Drawing on years of shamanic practice and life experience, Caroline Carey will gently guide you through a powerful constellation process to heal your ancestral line. Through this process you will be able to free yourself from the out-dated patterns of behaviour that are holding you back, plant the seeds of more life-affirming ways of being in the world, and drink from the most powerful heart medicine of all – forgiveness.

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