This is a question so often asked. Will it work specifically for ‘me?’ And ‘how might I go about it?’

We might be considering therapy or even been at it a long time. We might be questioning if we are with the right therapist, or that we might need a change of its particular practice. There really are a lot of questions to ask and it can feel like a mine field of possibilities and new ideas to understand.

One of the first things to understand is that different areas of our lives might need different ways of looking at problems and challenges.

Another thing is to ask ‘why am I even questioning what I need?’ Is there really a problem and how would therapy help? Is it within my relationship, my work, my home life, am I simply feeling down in the dumps and can’t motivate myself to do anything. Have life circumstances become too unbearable or unmanageable?

Identifying the root causes of how we are, unraveling the issues, taking layer after layer of thoughts, feelings and emotions to the table, might be all well and good, but sometimes the simple truth is that we are suffering soul-loss and that we have lost touch with our spiritual identity, thus the original contract of our soul.

We have quite literally, forgotten who we are!

Therapy might help on many levels, but what if we wanted a more direct route to re-discover ourselves, do what we love, understand why things aren’t going to plan and find new actions to help us reclaim and maintain our balance, our place in society, in our homes, our work, or wherever else we need more manageability and joy.

Soul – retrieval comes in many forms and one form is to engage with our medicine wheel, to find the particular place of soul-loss and what needs reclaiming.

There is always work to be done, without a doubt. We cannot remain a victim to life’s circumstances, there is joy, pleasure and accomplishment to be found, if we are willing to put in the work.

The Offering – Medicine Card by Brenda May

(artist of the Middle Earth Medicine Cards)


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