Webinars; The latest webinar series is for those subscribed to level 1 of the online journey course. There will be more webinars soon.




Our next three webinars with themes  are on

23rd May - Spirit & The Dreamer
27th June - The Crown In The Magical Garden & The Innocent 
1st August - The Untamed Forest & The Rebel

If you want to join please pay the  fee of £25 for 3 sessions via paypal. You will then receive the link to Zoom

Webinars; The webinar is for those on level 1. An email with time and date is sent to each participant, there will also be a reminder on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/229937154055741/ We will have a brief check in, share experiences of journeying, and drum together. Have your own drums to hand, or simply come along and enjoy the drum beat of others. Good to have a journal and pen of course 🙂 To see the ZOOM website please go to https://zoom.us/   The webinars last up to 2 hours depending on how many we are.

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