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Helping you find healing and empowerment through creativity and embodiment.

Recordings From Our Sessions Together

The Innocent Archetype

16th July 2023

Apprentice Circle Gathering

Repetition was the theme, with dance and drum journey

25th June ’23

Some of my sharings from the apprentice circle in May 23, with a drum journey also

A Beltaine fire dance and drum journey for our Apprentice Circle on April 30th. 

In these sessions the dance, the drum journey and the teachings are recorded, but not the personal sharing of the participants.


Shamanic Journey

A new addition to our Triad Two is the Shamanic Journey course. If you would like to learn from this please see the next page. 



The Dance Of Leadership – Triad Three 

Once you have taken part in Triad Two and wish to sign up for further training, in space holding for dance or other creative offerings, you are welcome to begin training with us to develop your talents, structure your offerings with support, guidance recieving peer empowerment and mentoring along the way.

The Offering

What does The Dance Of Leadership entail?
  • Two in-person intensive training gatherings
  • Online meetings and sessions 
  • Leadership Forum
  • Working with the ethics and principles
  • How to support trauma
  • Developing skills and exercises
  • Music offerings and DJ skills
  • Group process and coaching
  • Mentoring throughout
  • Peer support
  • Empowered Marketing Solutions
What are the pre-requisites?

Conscious Dance or similar experience

Attendance of the 13 week group process

Triad Two Apprentice Circle participation

Magic Of Mandorla participation

Assisted on workshops or group processes


What will I gain from this training?

After graduation you will be an accredited fascilitator of Middle Earth Medicine, with your particular offering. Included within our teacher/fascilitator listing on website, included in meetings with other teachers/fascilitators and dreamweavers.

Your offering will be held under the umbrella of Middle Earth Medicine and you will be supported to expand your gift and grow your offering for your community.

You will have the opportunity to further your training as a 1:1 Mentor for this program.

What will it cost me financially?

Fees for this Triad are £75 monthly, for inclusion in coaching and group gatherings. With regular updates from Caroline and 1:1 sessions with her.

Plus fees for the two inperson gatherings, which will be the cost of accommodation and the training fees, more info on request.

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