The Dance Of Leadership

A Spiritual-Shamanic training in leadership skills.

Whether you wish to hold movement/dance sessions or shamanic processes, one to one work or simply wish to deepen your understanding of your own skills. This training and two year process might be for you.

Supporting people to find their greatest potential and their fullest purpose in life, so they too can hold space for others. We use meditations in movement, dance, ritual-theater, creativity and community sharing.

I have no wish to tell you how growth should happen, but I weave together experiences and life - stories that I share with, holding a space that you can grow within.

My offering is to support people in finding their fullest purpose in life from a creative perspective. To find their own voices, an increased confidence and personal empowerment. To have the tools necessary to further their potential, being able to make their offering to their communities, the environment, to the world.

Holding safe spaces for the dance and creativity, for others empowerment and growth.

In applying for this training, you will need to have the experience of dancing consciously or having an embodied practice, for a minimum of two years. As an apprentice to the Leadership path, you will need to have an understanding of the gateways that Middle Earth Medicine offers.

There are 12 apprentice places at any one time. To apply for a place, please send in an application form to this email

Click here for Application-training-Middle-Earth-Medicine

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If interested in taking part on the apprenticeship, please work with the courses  Pre-requisite for the training is the Mandorla Intensive, as well as at least one other intensive which can include the Oracle intensives or the Vision Walk. It is suggested to attend as many weekends and evening sessions/classes as possible, to gain more understanding of the affects of dance and to extend ones own movement vocabulary. Mentoring is available with Caroline on skype or zoom and there are webinars to support community growth.

Those accepted onto the training and during its process will be expected to:

  • attend 3 intensive workshops which can be Meeting The Wild, Oracle of Medicine, Oracle of Shapeshifter, and Oracle of Yin as assistant apprentices. Here you will work alongside Caroline, developing your own skills and be given personal tasks to enhance your experience,
  • complete tasks and projects including creativity and written work, in relation to the Medicine Wheel over two years
  • attend a teacher trainee module of 9 days held by Caroline and a further 5 day module.
  • be expected to work as individuals and also work in collaboration with others on the apprenticeship.
  • take a minimum of 6 supervision sessions per year with Caroline during the apprenticeship and in setting up of your own work
  • keep up with supervision during offerings/teachings with qualified supervisor.

As soon as you apply for the training and are accepted we will begin the process together. Every apprentice will be treated as an individual with their own needs and requirements in preparation for holding their own work. It will be advised that apprentices continue with ongoing study with Middle Earth Medicine taking part in regular workshops and assistant roles.

Assisting at Intensives and workshops.  Once you have decided this apprenticeship is for you, please send in your application with a £99 payment. (This shows your commitment to begin this process with us.) Once received and accepted, you will be invited to online meetings and you will be able to attend intensives as 'apprentice assistants.' During these intensives, you will be given particular tasks to accomplish and also given time to discuss the holding of space and the various ways we support others at this time. There will also be opportunities to share your own experiences, to play music for movement and to learn some of the more subtle requirements of leadership.

There will be opportunities to train to teach the work of the Mandorla constellations and shamanic intensives in due course. This will be ongoing study held by Caroline and apprentices over two to three years.

To be on the mailing list specifically for apprenticeship please send a paragraph about yourself, the work you have already completed and why you might be interested in a training program, send to EMAIL

We look forward to hearing from you and receiving you into further study. Application form... Application-training-Middle-Earth-Medicine-Ways Once applied for, I will begin a conversation to explore with you, your personal needs on this path.

There are a maximum of 12 available places on this training. If you require a place please send your application as soon as possible with your application fee of £99. This fee includes one skype session.

Costs and fees. Application fee £99. (non refundable)  Cost of Space Holder 1st module 9 days - £1,800.  2nd Module £900.  Mentoring: £55 per session.

Booking Form: Application-training-Middle-Earth-Medicine-Ways

What do I get if I complete the Middle Earth Medicine Space Holder Process?

If you complete all requirements of the Space Holder modules, you will be listed as a Space Holder of Middle Earth Medicine, be included on our website and members calendar and supported to hold your own work.  You will have access to regular webinars and meetings to support your practice and offerings and be able to attend space holder retreats yearly.

For accommodation at the Earth Spirit Center see details below.

When attending the three intensive courses as apprentices/assistants the cost is 40% of the course fee.

The next Space Holder Modules begin in September 2019. Please ensure you have applied for your place well in advance, begun your online sessions with Caroline and fulfilled all of the prerequisites.

You will be expected to have your own insurance and hold a first aid certificate to be a member.

Accommodation and food is not included in the training prices. There are various options.

The venue offers a range of different accommodation options to please your personal
All rates are full board with organic, vegetarian (60% vegan) meals.
Fully vegan or other dietary needs on request for a supplement.
This also includes hot drinks all day and hot tub. More info on request.