Perfectionism is a trap and if we are not careful it can become a huge obstacle in our life. It can be quite toxic if we are unable to understand where it comes from, this can lead us towards isolation and an inability to express our gifts and talents, which then lie dormant. We become unfulfilled and lacking in self-worth as the undigested or negative part of our story rules the roost.

We are all able to make mistakes, or get things wrong and this is how we learn. Every challenge is an opportunity for growth!

Can we be forgiving of ourselves and each other for our simple mistakes?

Practicing forgiveness is a start to end the tyrannical behavior of our inner perfectionist.

There is an innate gift in every one of us. It has been with us our whole life. But we may not have recognised this, or had the support needed to bring it into the light. So our courses with Middle Earth Medicine highlight these gifts and talents, helping us to identify the blocks and the lack of validation. Our aim is to ensure everyone finds their path, their talent, their gift, in order to fully make their contribution to society.

Denying our gift serves no one, least of all ourselves!

If you would like to join us for an online course, that can lead to further study as well as apprenticeship, please explore the offerings below. I look forward to meeting you and deepening our connection together.

Caroline Carey

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