There is a dance that ‘merges’ us with the world of spirit. Standing within the experience of trance and polarity, we surrender through the dance and the liminal space, the threshold of the ‘nagual world’ that presents itself. Liminal space is where all transformation begins. Through the connection to this space, shapeshifting is achieved via  an inherent ability within the liminal, to transform or to transmute oneself energetically, through movement meditation, shamanic journey, experiencing a cellular shift – metamorphosing into creature, being, or simply our own potential as healer, poet, artisan, singer, writer, dancer, thespian.

This is the sacred space where the old world is able to fall apart, and a bigger world is revealed.

When we become aware of our own liminality, we can find it hard to know how to navigate this transition, whatever the journey is. We often miss the real potential of ‘in-between’ places as in the central space of the Mandorla which requires deep immersion  – so we can become numb, or we can panic ourselves into inappropriate actions or flee with fear of the dreaded unknown. There is a quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs within our rites, when dancers have not yet begun the transition to the status or the shape they will hold when the rite is complete. These can appear in many guises, for example boredom, fatigue, hunger, or becoming distracted by others processes.

Moving within this liminal space, one learns to trust and wait, to witness what will transpire. This requires trust not just in ourselves and the dancer, but in the connection to that space and its healing properties. There is no knowing what will occur, but holding a strong intention and trusting in the process will allow us to merge with the unknown in a way that serves our greater purpose. Once experienced and the transition made clear, we can  move forward with confidence into our future. It takes courage to enter into those spaces, as well as discipline and a hunger for change.

Carolines offering includes the ‘Hollow Bone’ way of holding space for individuals and groups with an awareness of shamanism being the most ancient of spiritual practice’s. Here you will find how drumming, movement meditation and repetitive dance opens a portal to the spirit world, drawing spirit in with breath and a change in our consciousness, opening us up to receive new and profound wisdom.

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