‘The Oracle Of Heart’ ~ our deepest offering

When we arrive at the place of Sovereign in our work, we must have the tools of responsibility at our side. Speaking from the heart, is not simply allowing ourselves to be heard, but is about deep listening to what is true, what is necessary and what is authentic. We have all learnt communication skills, yet at times we can lose track and fall into blame, shame and confusion. We can fail to see what is ours and what belongs to others. We can lose our humility.
In our work together we will use a particular method of making our own talking sticks, decorating them and learning to speak with them deeply, from the heart, in a way that is beneficial for all.
Story telling and using our voices in speaking and in song, we stand in our own oracle of heart, sovereign to the core, naming and celebrating the one we were born to be.
This  is the Sovereign part of our medicine wheel, where we begin the journey of embodying a sense of empowerment. We recognise that there is always work to be done and with resources and tools to hand, we are willing to do it.
All are welcome, however previous work with us is advisable whether online or in workshops.

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