The Oracle Of Dance

deep immersion into ecstatic dance

An intensive gathering.

Exploration of movement, voice, healing, expansion and spiritual connections. Using the teachings from the middle earth medicine wheel and the mandorla process, we explore the ancient dance of ecstacy that is inherent within our own DNA.

The essence of this work is to marry our core wound with our aspirations to discover our authentic and fully integrated self, thus becoming truly empowered, allowing the soul and the ego to live in harmony. 

We will explore the use of movement to create the energy necessary for expanding our consciousness. This will also help us to open our heart, to bring awareness to our emotional body and to induce healing of our voices and what it is we need to speak. We will dance and create connections to the repeating patterns of behavior in our lives, that leads to more self awareness, thus relieving ourselves of negative influences that no longer serve us.

Dance is a powerful experience, one that can be connected to our greatest vision in order to seek wisdom and clarity. We learn how to use the dance as a resource for living. In this workshop we will use the Mandorla process to find our own inner polarities, dance with them, explore the story that holds us in conflict and find the medicine that becomes our truth.

This gathering is equivalent to the ‘Mandorla Intensive’ requirement for the Middle Earth Medicine Training.

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