Are we not all desperately trying to reclaim our Sovereignty?

Yet do we really know what it means?
When I think of my own Sovereign, I think about myself as born with a soul in-tacked, of being complete and being loved for just who I am, in Gods eyes, never mind any one else’s!
And that love needed to continue, but did it and did I find a way to love myself and to accept myself?
Chances are we all began to lose some of the Sovereignty of our birthright.
It is the way of the world and we end up in so many different ways, trying to call back that inherent beautiful part of ourselves and fill ourselves up with self esteem, courage and love and all those things that help us to feel valued.
These days it seems to be money that makes us feel our value, or what we own, or how good our work is. I am so often in that place myself, when the work simply isn’t there, the bank balance is low, no ones knocking at the door!
So without these things, how can we feel valuable just for who we are?
It doesn’t always equate. And we need to live, right?
So what needs to change without pointing the finger and blaming others, or looking elsewhere for some answers. How can we look into ourselves and begin to find out what is really missing?
And then go to work on that part of ourselves to do the work necessary of rectifying what is broken, whether there is work or money or possession there. We need to feel complete no matter what!
It’s a life times journey and we can be so fed up with trying to find the answers and it never quite meeting our needs, so we go from place to place, from workshop to training, to possessions or communities where we think we might find the answer, yet still, the same old stuff keeps rearing its head!
Maybe its not what we are doing physically, but that old belief that keeps going round in our heads and what we attach to it. But it needs a different  approach, maybe it needs a new way to behave with it, a new kind of discipline? What ever it is, it is YOU that holds the key.
That key has been carried by you for a life time, quite often in the rucksack on your back where it can’t be seen, where it is hidden from view.
The adolescent-teenager, fighting to reclaim some dignity, some sense of purpose, some kind of esteem that will liberate and help to meet life with an honourable heart. It is hidden in the stories of the past, if we could just see a little more clearly into that innate wisdom we hold.
If we think of a golden crown of Sovereignty, we see a golden reflection of completeness, a full circle and this is the representation of ourselves as complete human beings. Nothing missing, a soul intact and open to life.
Your Sovereign is the key holder since birth and only you can open the door and let it back in. It’s not necessarily easy, for there are paths to cross and mountains to climb, rivers and tides to swim against. Our main focus must be not to give up, to look for the many keyholes and listen for the call from the magic around us.
I know it is there for everyone and it is a beautiful journey to reclaim what is rightfully ours.
Caroline Carey
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