The Creative Journey


Faced once more with a new creative project, I find myself bursting at the seams, excitement looming and wanting to get it down, manifest it, get my hands dirty in the soil and creativity of it.
Stitch and sew it into being. Always time weighs heavy on the side of caution, to ensure it can be all it needs to be and does not fly too soon into the world of misinterpretation, but can ride with me close to my heart, where I will protect it and carefully acknowledge every detail. Bringing to life it's archetypal energy in its own way. For it is its mothers child and has learnt the art of 'doing things her way!'
Impulse is strong and holding back not an option, too late in life to sit on the fence and ponder, the time is now, before it is too late, age is not timeless, age creeps in and says "do it now." This grandmother is a feisty one, she knows, sometimes too much, but she knows the order and the timing of manifestation and just how to use that galloping horse energy deep in the cells of her own desire!

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