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 Thanks for dance, for sharing, for everything. I can still sense it in my body …. each time I dance with You it really changes me powerfully inside … also kind of physically … something is rebuilding in my body and working strongly also in the days after. Veronika Ziva, Czech Rep.

Caroline is available to offer talks and seminars in your home town. Alongside offering her published books, Caroline speaks about the need for us to move, to dance and be more connected to the body and heart. She advises on meditation, movement and how to have a happier healthier life by embodying dance into our life. As well as this Caroline talks about bringing up her children to follow their passions, no matter what the challenges. As part of her talk, she offers a drum journey to develop a stronger connection to our innate-selves, our innocence and the soul purpose we were born with.

She is the writer of four published books and talks about never giving up on your passion, no matter what the challenges, dancing with it, embodying it and bringing it into physical manifestation in the world.

Caroline inspires others by not allowing limitations to rule our lives. As a mother of six children with little finance or support,  she knows how easy it would have been to give up. Despite her challenges, she gave her passions permission to grow and to affect others in a very positive way.

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Personal power is a hard thing to grasp without support. Caroline’s gentle, compassionate yet firm reminders of how our personal power resides deeply inside us, will motivate you to accept your journey no matter any challenges or dysfunctions and to speak out from your heart and know yourself at a core level.

Caroline’s speaking has led her to be asked onto television, to talk at book launches, give inspiring lectures about soul retrieval and to share her personal stories.She was recently seen speaking and dancing on ‘Time Of The Sixth Sun’ Documentary show world wide.