The Oracle Of The Shapeshifter

There is a dance that ‘merges’ us with the world of spirit. Standing within the experience of trance and polarity, we surrender through the dance and the liminal space, the threshold of the ‘nagual world’ that presents itself. Liminal space is where all transformation...

How do we find our own body of work?

Re-Posted from November 15, 2013 by Caroline Carey Many years ago I used to wonder if I would ever find my own work rather than teaching what another had created. I mean by this, the work that would not just be my own style or my own approach, but something specific...


  It’s an interesting word, it means almond in Italian. I sometimes think I’d like to find a different word for it. The ancient symbol with its profound meaning, also called the Vesicus Piscis. And that means fishes bladder…even stranger!  So in my work I just...

Mandorla with Lies Van Hee & her art

Caroline offers this ancient principle, which is creative, playful and accesible to everybody yet deeply moving, intense, powerful, heart-touching and inspiring. For me, most importantly it is a tool, a resource that gives me more clarity, choice and freedom in how to...
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