‘What do you do?’

That very difficult question arises  ‘What do you do?’ And I try to put it in a nutshell, avoiding saying ‘I’m a dance teacher!’ But that is probably the easiest thing to understand, but this work is so much more than that! I might...

The Heart of the Artist

Jungian psychology speaks of the need for us to honour our own human and innate archetypes, to allow them to play their way through us – and if we do not live that quality into being then we die – spiritually.  These archetypes live within our unconscious...

the most delicate of petals

The woman’s body, tuned into the natural rhythms, it ebbs and flows and changes with its own seasons. Each part of it ages, just like the leaves from spring to autumn to winter and beyond. And like those leaves the woman’s skin becomes so very delicate, even more...

On being a Grandmother – by Caroline Carey

It’s one of the most beautifully exquisite experiences that I know and like anything else not without its need for awareness, strengths, prayers and hopes. Like many there is a very deep and loving connection I have for my grandchildren, it’s different to anything...
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