She wolf
Alpha being
No need for others approval
She is
Who she is
No need for affirmations
No need for the right to be
She leads the hunt
Walks through the gate first
Fiercely independent
A seer for all
She knows herself fully
Inside and out
Limitations and fears
There are few
She licks her own wounds
As they bleed on the ground
Feeds herself first and takes care of her needs
The balancing act
Of those at her tit
She’s the mother and lover
Aloof when it suits her
Dismissing the needs of a victim in tow
Indifferent when it pleases her so
She knows when she’s needed
For survival of all
And what really matters
To strengthen them all
Contained in self wisdom
Pride in her howl
The voice of authority
Prepared to endow
Rarely speaks out
But stands strong in herself
She sees through the mask
Of endulgence and lies
Ready to fight for the needs of her clan
For no shadow escapes
from those predator eyes
she listens she waits
awakened to life
Wild in her nature
she is the lone wolf,
the female,
the wild the primal
Quietly standing
aside of it all
yet knowing the landscape
sure-footed and tall
Awaiting the moment
That time will tell
Integral and patient
Aligning her self
With nature

With love
With the right to be free!
Caroline Carey from The Phoenix Retreat 2014        Photo.. Ben Cole

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