The Body Oracle

Body Oracle 1 londonThe Body Oracle

Become the oracle of your own wisdom field


Who do you become when you give yourself permission to speak out? What happens when the wisdom within you comes forth with such power that it cannot be ignored? Can you trust yourself enough to seek guidance from within and to bring this knowing into the world?

When we have experienced repeated suffering and challenges, let-downs and dysfunction, we can end up retreating into our ‘shells’. Bound by shame, our trust in ourselves ebbs away and we become fearful of our own power. In this place, our fire and passion is quashed and our ability to speak out becomes restricted – even painful.

During this workshop, you will dance with the oracle of your body to free yourself from these binds. You will follow the body’s guidance into the archives of your personal history, dancing through lingering traumas and dysfunction, clearing a channel to the life-force – the visible face of Spirit – that is both within and around you.

To support you in this work, Caroline will hold the space, guiding you step-by-step to connect with your body and your centre as you journey through the veils of any resistance or restriction. You will arrive in a place of deep trance, a place from which you can gather the knowledge you need to support your present and future life. We will dance, share our wisdom and write. We will speak what has previously been unspeakable and find the medicine sounds from within. In this way, we will clear away the residues of old stories, unblock our voices and ultimately find our way back to the freedom of our true selves.

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